The Tipsters Are Coming….

The Magical Tipster is under serious pressure from The Villain.

The Magical Tipster Is Looking At Cheltenham Festival 2015.


Out football will need a knock out.
A ‘long-ball team’ Brilliant!
Thing ever to come out of his mout

To do with a man that likes lager.
Him into the lion’s enclosure
Jose Morinho is a ringer, no doubt

You still holding the ladder….?”.

In the cabinet? Ask Mrs Thatcher.


Is online poker evolving?
Magical Tipster gives his predictions.
Than a video of a Poker Totty Venus pleading?

Knavecoin may double in price!
And freed the entrepreneur from constraints
It’s a very tough campaign for justice.

Wanted Now Poker Totty Vemus

Offer for of Bitcoin currency Users

YouTube Preview Image