Online Casino Is Not Weird, It Is Just Special

Dodgy Free Casino Play

Dodgy Free Casino Play

If you have played online casino, you have probably lost all your money. It is just a fact of life that online casino is designed to take money from people. No one ever wins unless you are one of those lucky persons that get a massive jackpot and then stop playing online casino for ever. 

With online casino you can rig the program to produce the outcome you really want. This is the weakness of the whole experience. It is too easy for organisers to exploit the customers to make loads of money. The only way to stop this greed is to not play them at all. The accountants who run these online organisations are just too stupid. They cannot see that if they run a non-crooked online casino they will still win because the odds are in the house favour, however, the greed cannot help but kick in.

For example, Betfair have been running a ‘free’ promotion for about a week in which you have a free red or black spin on a roulette. For the past 5 or 6 spins I have gone red and it has gone black. Today I went black and it went red. Now the odds of a run like this is astronomically and yes roulette has no memory. But the consistency  with which it happened is so blatant that it confirmed to me why I do not play online casino. Anyone who does is a fool and should have their computer taken away from them for their own benefit.

 I then got a email telling me someone had posted an article about a piece of software that help you predict the number or sequence for online casino! I had no option but post a comment on why would you sell a piece of software that predicts the next number on roulette, when you quietly win millions for yourself? Clearly there is more money in selling this software predictor than it is using the software to win loads of money. By the way they recommend which online casino to play which begs the question, are these online casino part of the scam? 

Unbelievable there will be people around the world who will purchase this software because they think they can break the online casino bank. The only bank they will break will be their own bank.

Online casino is for fools and greedy accountants. The fools lose the money and the greedy accountants get a new yacht. The flow of money is so one-sided as to be morally criminal. Everyone has a choice to play these things and yes if I was in the position to take advantage Iw ould as the house always win, but I would not fix the outcome and be greedy like the online casino are at the moment.