Labour Need To Blood Let

Lord Mandelson

Lord Mandelson

Lord Mandelson the man behind New Labour has let rip about the leadership of Ed Miliband who lost the elections and let David Cameron have the chance to implement the real austerity and break up the United Kingdom.

So we know why Ed Miliband failed and he has resigned so that a new leader can begin the long and hard struggle to keep the union and defeat the shameless privatisation of the NHS, the gutting of public service such as education, libraries, and the destruction of employment rights, human rights,trade unions etc.

Clearly the British public voted against its own interest because of the ‘threat’ of a Scottish invasion which would have led to rape and pillaging last seen when the vikings were up to no good…apparently!

Somehow this did not ring true because The Sun newspaper came out in support of the Conservatives in England and the Scottish Nationalist in Scotland. The British electorate could not see they were being played for fools and Ed Miliband didn’t have the courage to go to Scotland and challenge the Scottish Nationalist on the street. Yes he might have got injured but at least the public will have seen a man of principal not bowing down to bullies and running away. Instead he came up with s stupid stunt of his six pledges written in stone.

So here we are we need some fighting and loads of conciliation to get a team capable of giving the country an alternative direction when the real face of the Tories are revealed. 

The battle need to be over and done with soon as it is clear that no more special advisers, posh kids and unemployable chancers are in the position to be leader.