Liking The Vyping

no smoking

I have packed in smoking – again! I have been packing in and starting for like years. Last year I stopped for months then I had a real craving for the burn at the back of the throat…how weird was that? 

The desire for the burn at the back of the throat lasted until Sunday when I finally stop enjoying the burn at the back of the throat. 

Two days ago I followed a friend and rejoined the e-cigarette gang that use multi-coloured vyping gadgets to get the hit of nicotine. It is OK at the moment eventhough I dislike looking like a junky on hubbily bubbily pipe. Anyway, here is a poem about my ‘journey’…

The thrill has gone
House party aftermath
Let’s chill my son
My kind of bath

Smoke good cigars with a bad bitch
Who smoke are sexier than most
Let’s match
Send me sexy pictures to post!

Lets hotbox
Hope this makes your day better 
After the hot box

Forget smoking tonight 
Cigar chicks are the best
But I have given up the fight.