Dumping On Donald Trumping

Donald Trump - The Next POTUS?

Donald Trump – The Next POTUS?

The golden age of Fox News is coming to an end! In 2017 President Obama will be a distant memory and Fox News will have to reinforce their  difficult message that women using contraceptives will turn out to be like President Clinton. 

This will be difficult as it may alienate the women that might be supportive of President Clinton. At the moment Fox News has the ability to pick the low hanging fruit of abusing a ‘mixed race’ President for being a Kenyan who had a problem with white people, and, therefore can use that ‘fact’ to scare the bejesus out of their demographic by saying the non-whites are out to get ya, led by Obama! 

To help them do this Fox News use the racist approach by focusing on three Irish American presenters to carry the anti non-white message. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly have been chosen by Rupert Murdoch as the lick spittle, praetorian guard to reinforce the agenda of demonising non-whites and encouraging the idea that Irish people can be bought off to say anything. 

Why else would Fox News Irish presenters attack Beyonce for encouraging girls to discuss sex, yet, leave Boyzone alone when they sing about gay sex? Fox News attack Stevie Wonder and John Legend for kumbaya moments yet leave Bono and Bob Geldof when they have kumbaya moments?  They play politics with the Black Panther’s two members who were used to demonise Obama during the 2008 election, yet Fox News support for the treasonous Dixie flag, and they never say anything about the bodies that the IRA still wont give up to the families and friends of the victims?

Basically the corrupt thinking and disingenuous intellectual reasoning that allow support for Cliven Bundy supporters aiming guns at law enforcement, but, attacked supporters Michael Brown and Eric Garner for saying ‘hands up, dont shoot’, and, “I can’t breathe”  in respective protest is beyond a joke and is clearly evil.

Fox News will have Mark Firmin a renown racist police officer who admitted planting evidence on suspects, G. Gordon Liddy who was jailed for his part in Watergate Scandal and Oliver North for Iran-Contra affair which was treason to the US – as guest! These guest only seem to appear on the Irish-American presenter shows and there is definitely a racist agenda to this. Why would convicted and treasonous criminals only appear on Irish-American shows in which they spout out racist thoughts about non-white people?

This bring me onto the preparation of Fox News coming out for Donald Trump to be the GOP candidate to run against Hilary Clinton. Obviously the Fox News reason is that since the viewers are simpletons they can be persuaded to support a TV savvy candidate who will say the unthinkable and move Clinton to their agenda.  They realise that the demographic is in Clinton favour and the only candidate with the gravitas to beat Clinton would be Condoleezza “Condi” Rice. The only problem is that Ms Rice is black and unmarried, hence it is Donald Trump!

Mr Trump started out well and brought up the illegal immigrant issue. Now Fox News is so clever that they managed to switch the issue from being capital demand on lowering cost by importing labour to being a left wing policy. This amazing switcheroo show how simple and naive Fox News viewers are. A policy that helps the ruling class keep down wages is now seen as a left wing/trade union policy??? Go figure?

The problem with Donald Trump is that he is a showman and show men will go the extra mile until they are forced down or they have sold every seat in the house. He has stated that all illegal immigrants are rapist and murderers.  Now the ruling classes do not mind the odd dodgy remark, but to say all their workers were rapist is a bit close to the edge considering a lot of these illegal immigrants work next to legal workers. Hence organisations begin to flee from Donald Trump. Organisations such as the PGA, NASCAR, ESPN, NBC, Macy’s and Univision have chosen not to do business with Trump or any company he is with.

This now plays into Donald Trump narrative especially when there is a murder by an illegal immigrant. Fox News then went out and drive home the message that Trump is right and the ruling class are all against truth and honesty.

So here we are. With a professional high end sideshow barker, backed up by prominent right wing, anti non-white, Irish-American, dishonest commentators, on a conservative propaganda network looking to strip the US people of their consumer, educational, working, banking and environmental regulations after the next Presidential elections. The scary thing is that they might get the result they want.

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