EU Referendum Bluff

Big Debate Between Farage and Cameron

Big Debate Between Farage and Cameron

Tonight will be a interesting side show in which David Cameron and Nigel Farage will ‘debate’ their respective position on the UK staying in or out of the referendum. The only problem is that it wont be a proper debate and there will be more smoke and mirrors and less burning sunlight on the subject. It is clearly a bluffing game with each side now bluffing wildly and trash talking incredibly to sure up their support and weaken the resolve of the opposition. 

Each side are determined to trying to scare the bejesuses out of the general population and there is no where else to go once this particular tactic has been embarked. So in an attempt to help with the debate yours truly has created a poem for each side and hopefully through art, mysticism and boredom you will find a way to vote for your preferred option. Yes your leader of moral dereliction and pontification has not a view on the subject but is listening to The Magical Tipster who seems to have a betting strategy for this  vote of a generation.

Leave The Eu

In EU with uncontrolled migration
Money which comes back is spent.
An engine for job destruction
Commission or EU Council president

Public services and our priorities
The PM to debate
EU to trade with other countries
In everyone’s interest to cooperate

Stuff and hope you’ve told us about
You have a few hours left to register
Leave team will sort you out

Immigration explosion we’ll have if we Remain
Vote out It’s the only way to save our
Non-EU families coming to Britain


Stay In The Eu

People onto the property ladder
Must ask for economic facts.
Have passport checks at the border.
Could damage your job prospects.

Of triggering divorce proceedings.
A nasty shock in the short term
Economist pour scorn on fiscal failings
It would be damaged long-term

She’ll vote remain. Good choice
Expel  internationals from UK prisons
Immigrants don’t drain the health service

Brits scramble for German passports
The Brexit would hurt UK and Scotland
Bad Boris for misleading reports.