WSOP Hype Seem Non-Existance


Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

I dont know, but, it seems to me that The World Series of Poker has largely passed me by. Maybe it is that I am not good enough to buy into this tournament and therefore I have lost interest. Or, that online poker is becoming very hard to win at and therefore like many other players it has lost its appeal and there is more fun in local games with friends and the odd live poker tournament where blatant collusion is less likely?

Even though the online industry continue to say that online poker playing is increasing, my own studies show that it is decreasing. Once mighty forums such as Betfair do not have the same participants that they used too in the glory days when you could make a nice earner playing part time for fun. Now it seems that the only ‘people’ playing are bots!

So the news that Neymar has got into the WSOP 2016 Main Event by winning a satellite has got to be good news for the tournament as any poker player would love to be on the table with him and hopefully knock him out to claim the honour that they beat a world beater at poker. 

Apart from that the news of the tournament has been sporadic and somewhat boring. I suppose the Euro 2016, EU referendum and the political meltdown in the USA over Donald Trump has been so spectacular fascinating that a game of poker just cannot compete.

So the industry will need to do something brilliant to gain the attention over these truly big news events to excite me and other poker players.