Reynard News Watching Closely

Strange Goings On At The Heart Of American Media

Strange Goings On At The Heart Of American Politics And Media

The big final debate is about to happen and the biggest political poker game since 1964 will decide the Election 2016. Since our favourite comedy channel Fox News will be moderating it,  we will be watching closely to extract material for our version of a ‘unfair and unbalanced’ unreal version.

Trump v Clinton

For drinking bingo game here are our top tip words that we have priced up:

Rigged System 1/10

Quid Pro Quo 1/7

Email 1/7

Hard Working Families 1/5

Wikileaks 1/5

Leadership 1/4

Unqualified 1/4

Crooked 1/4

Washington Establishment 4/9

Power Hungry 1/1

Beltway 11/10

Whiny 6/4

Birther 6/4

Sexual Predator 2/1

Second Amendment 7/2

Lesbian 12/1