Betting Firms Under Investigation


Ladbrokes are Ladcrooks


The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) are now looking into betting firms and how they are misleading, duping, robbing and conning their customers. About time too we say!

  1. Misleading links to promotions such as Ladcrooks (duping yours truly) and their hustling customers blatantly sending them to the wrong places so as not to honour their promotion.
  2. Ladcrooks again taking monies from punters account if they do not bet regularly. Why should they bet on sports that they do not have an opinon on?
  3. Ladcrooks voiding bets if they win!
  4. Ladcrooks changing prices on odds agreed because they were scared of it winning!

As you can see Ladcrooks and other disreputable companies need to have their licence taken away from them for being crooked in dealing with their customers.