Annoying Poker Callers

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Knocked Out Of A Poker Tournament

While has been pre-occupied by the shenanigans in the USA, the world of poker still go on. 

I have been playing well and actually winning some tournaments, but I have noticed a trend that is beginning to annoy me. Getting called while desperate by players who are also short stacked but do not know the odds to which they are calling but then getting lucky.

It is damn annoying and although I normally like getting called by idiots, sometimes you want the idiot to fold which is the sensible option. 

It is not that they have a tell on you it is that they are looking at getting inside straights or flushes which the pot odds are not presenting.

Clearly these players are going through a poker potlatch phase, but at the moment it is me getting the wrong end of the result and they win only to lose later one. This is not good for my self esteem being made a railbird to an idiot.

I will get my revenge!

Annoying Poker Calls

Playing an unknown opponent
At the micros in order to succeed.
Today’s online poker environment
I post my updates on my Twitter feed

I can achieve up the steep hill
Coaching not allowed to you mates
Thanks so much for the 20 bill
Railbird in less than 5 Minutes

Honorable of the two is a big cheese
The poker tournament resembles a cash game
Another pair of jacks, how should I play these

Staking a player can be forgiven
Set over set is it just a cooler
Laugh again, poker potlatch is a real thing.

Dobbers View On Poker Potlatch

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