Andrew Sachs Dies

Andreas Siegfried "Andrew" Sachs (7 April 1930 – 23 November 2016

Andreas Siegfried “Andrew” Sachs (7 April 1930 – 23 November 2016)

Andrew Sachs will always be the character Manuel from Fawlty Towers, Although it was his masterpiece he did a lot of voice overs as well as iconic parts in films. Here is a litlle poem about the fun and drama he brought to our lives.

Sonnet For Andrew Sachs

Manuel looked a little strange
Maybe they better not make any more
Evict the rat from the lounge
Of to do shopping at her favourite store

Affected by talent and never selfish
The acting had me in trouble
His accent was never Spanish
The comedy timing mad it acceptable

Are you the lonely willow tree
You can always share
Tolliver Groat and Bobby Swanson best of three

I missed that Russell Brand call
Really not funny so empty 
 He knew nothing to close circle.

I Know Nothing! – Fawlty Towers – BBC

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