A Night Of Pub Poker

Whiskey and poker

Playing Pub Poker

The main aim of playing pub poker is relaxation and banter. Not taking the game too serious but chilling out and a hope of trying to come out on top. Also the main aim is not being a railbird and being eveyones’ bitch as you will have to fetch the drinks, snacks and smokes…not a good position to be in.

The only problem with this strategy is that you cannot play your hand correctly as you will get called by drunks playing with anything and getting lucky on the river. Bad!

So have a guest what I have been getting in terms of results? Yep not entirely railbird, but, not in a winning position, hence my customary moan about my fate. Here is a sonnet to the pub poker game.

Trying Not To Be A Pub Poker Railbird

Best pub poker tourney ever
What you will bring home tonight.
I guess you’re not an animal lover
In Walsall before the fight.

The weather a little better
The animals will alays play their hand
Know they are a high kill belter
No fantasy land

I feel way better when taking my seat
Twitter feed in play loads of retweets
At 7:30. It’s going to be GREAT

It’s definitely a hard balance.
Talk to me cards, not saying much
To the railbirds and audience.