The Donald Will Legalise US Online Poker?

Donald Trump Punk Rocker

Donald Trump

Donald Trump will legalise online poker in the US, unless he gets emasculated by congress and the ongoing problems he will encounter over his other business dealings.

If he is the amoral, deal maker he purport then he will see no reason why grown adults should not indulge in online poker. Yes the bricks and mortar casino owners will moan but they will know that innovation in the gambling industry has always been a primary activity so holding back on online poker is just mad and un-American.

For sure the Trump presidency will be about as un-American it can get – with its low information, pro-Russian, anti-NATO stance, but, business is business and he will get his family involved and they will make money. After all he need to get back the billions he lost running casinos in Atlanta.

He owes Sheldon Adelson – the main anti-online poker guy, no favours apparently. So what would hold him back would be Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell the congress leaders, who are not in the position to deny Trump anything after their half hearted support during the presidential elections.

The opposition would also come from the Democrats but they will be in disarray until at least 2018. So there is nothing to stop him and his business orientated cabinet from liberating online poker players playing the game that the Americans invented.

The Donald Online Poker Strategy

To help keep poker top of his mind.
Tactics cannot be mutually exclusive.
Unite, lend your eyes to the blind.
From a sarcastic perspective

Out this raffle to win at playing
Being a poker general without many lies
Good morning America
Its a gift, what a pleasant surprise

And gain fresh perspectives
Using business experience and fresh spirits
Software well regulated will improve lives.

Safe online poker is really cool
The Presidential seal will improve the forum
Brick poker old school, online the new school.

Still cannot wait to see how Fox News main man Bill O’Reilly justifies his constant attack on Beyonce (Single Ladies, Crazy In Love, Halo) and her apparent disgusting effect on US culture, yet he is fine and dandy with Donald Trump (pussy grabber, Trump University, You’re Fired) attitude and cultural effects. This one is going to be good.