Trump Hates Flynn

Donald Trump Punk Rocker - God Save The Donald

Donald Trump – God Save The Donald – First Punk Rock President Psychotic, Sycophantic and Grotesque. 

It has only taken 3 weeks to see the wheels fall off the Trump clown show jalopy. Mike Flynn the nut job racist, who hated Muslims and anything not aligned to his neo-nazi philosophy has gone.

He went because he lied about giving the Russians guaranteed relief from US sanctions for their help in the 2016 Presidential elections.

Trump will hate this and will look to distract from the issue, as he and his allies aim to create a neo-fascist alliance with Russia to tackle China and gut the US revenue for private profit.

So on St Valentines day the first brick in the downfall of the Trump presidency has been laid and hopefully sanity returns to the USA.

Flynn’s Valentine Message To Trump

I want a breakdown of the voters
And absolutely nothing else
One of the most obnoxious managers
Against Putin is false

With this sappy ass dress rehearsal
Making Russia great again is strife
Players are not uncontroversial
Impeachment can have some kind of life

I just threw up a little
Whenever he showed up on screen
Tweets from the Trump, brittle

To cook the books
Give me more Nixonian
A house full of crooks

 The Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes

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