Claudio Ranieri -manager

Claudio Ranieri

The soul of modern football has been shown to the world. Win the league with a mediocre team, at 5000/1 is no longer good enough to show loyalty to the man who created a miracle. Claudio Ranieri lost his job at Leicester City so under performing players can pass the buck for not working hard enough to win games.

The owners got scared an fired the man who was not their first choice to be manager anyway.

The owners and the players are ungrateful and now deserve to be relegated from the premier for being ‘ingrati’.


But mainly just good stories
2 goal for Sevilia in Spain.
Are from the 7 banned countries
Cup draw to take place in a drain

Jamie Vardy and Wes Morgan
New York Knicks or Pittsburgh Steelers
Film ‘Fearless’ will bomb
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On a slow night. Have a great 2017
Just one, who can play the ball.
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