50 Days Of Stupidity

Donald Trump - Birther In Chief

Donald Trump – Birther In Chief

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”

It looks like the American experiment of a constitutional democratic republic is well on the way to self destruction. 

I suppose the beginning started when pressure for free and open election, civil rights and a society for all, was opposed by the Southern racist and their enablers in the political elites. This action then morphed into Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’ in which the Republicans took over from the Democrats as the party for KKK members and supporters.

We then had a impeachment about the definition of sexual relations, ‘weapons of mass destruction’ propaganda and finally the ‘Birther’ leader being made the most powerful man in the World with the help of the ‘alt-right’ and Russia.

Donald Trump made no bones that he was going to grab as much money as he could, and, that if he committed any crime to get it the people were so fed up that they would still support  him because they had nothing to gain by being sensible.

So, here we are. 50 days of a Trump presidency and the biggest promise of repealing Obamacare has started and the biggest losers will be people who are elderly, poor and sick. The biggest gainers will be the young, rich and healthy. It is crazy but those who are the biggest losers are Trumps biggest supporters, and, they don’t care. As long as the fever against Obamacare continues losing benefits is worth the price.

It seems that these facts are not enough to upset Trump’s supporters. In fact they will not argue for fairness because they are upset and in a nihilistic mood. They are going to die and die happy being ignorant.

Trump is only the symptom and not the problem. The Americans have lost their mind. They either voted for Trump or if they didn’t support Trump they stayed at home. The Americans had enough of a dark skinned president being thoughtful and cautious. They didn’t want a woman who’s husband like sex with any amount of women, they wanted crazy stuff and lunacy.

They wanted big border walls, Muslim ban and riches beyond belief which would happen if food stamps and public education are dispersed with.

They wanted to feel that the pain of 2008, when banking losses were socialized and profits were privatized, would be payed by the complete destruction of the American idea that spread around the world after World War Two.

The Americans want to be a state in which religious zealots will get millions of people to do as their ‘god’ want them to do, just like the religious zealots in other places of the world. Iran is the template and evangelicals took up the baton and ran hard with it. 

With faith you do not have to study science, interesting philosophy, reason, politics etc. That is for boring intellectuals and liberals who just like confusing things with thinking. Primal screaming is the way to go.

50 days that prove that speed of maddening America can only increase. Where will it end? Who cares! 

The only problem is that there are 300 million+ people in the USA. The USA is the most powerful country the world has ever known. So if things do not sort this situation out, either Trump or one of his believers will do the unthinkable and push the decline of Pax Americana which will end horribly and probably in nuclear war.

It is so depressing to see this happening. But since they cant get over America’s original sin and create a just, thoughtful society then I suppose they will have to fall under the weight of their stupidity and selfishness.