July 4th Another Meltdown

Donald Trump - Birther In Chief

Donald Trump – Birther In Chief

So the joke continues and the distraction is effective! While the world stumbles into an environmental abyss, Donald Trump apparently leader of the ‘free world’ appeases Putin and promotes juvenile videos.

A grown man thinks it is OK for a despot to meddle in democratic elections and attack women who still menstruates. A guy who can launch unprecedented war, creates fake news to lie about his popularity because it tickles his ego.

If you want to know why Americans put up with this nonsense just look at how popular TV wrestling is. A fake sport has millions of supporters who think the sport is real and will pay big bucks to watch a rigged match. Clearly when pushed they will say that they know it is fake, but deep down you know they are borderline lying and they actually think it is real.

They also like the fake business which gave Trump his platform. The Apprentice is not aimed at giving insights into contract law etc. That is why he is still hiding his tax returns because everyone with a modicum of curiosity know that Donald Trump is not a stellar businessman, but, a conduit for the Russian kleptocracy to launder money stolen from their citizens.

The root for this meltdown of American moral superiority started when Lehman’s Brothers went bust and the tax payers bailed out the elites, which the poor will pay for the next 50 years at a minimum. Obama did not redress the unfairness of this situation, the technology advances made it worst, and, the low information, low self-esteem voters went for a guy they knew made them feel clever. Remember a majority of the women who Donald Trump would abuse if he had the chance voted for him!

The right wing ‘deep state’ will keep him in power as long as he continues to re-distribute monies from the working class to the rich. The working class and the nationalist will keep voting for him as long as Putin can finance these groups with fake information about the ‘ethnic minorities’ taking their jobs and their money to live like ‘welfare kings and queens’.

The progressive cannot seal the deal on health and economic equality. The biggest threat facing the world is still seen as scientific theory and a con man make the idea of higher thinking, artistic challenges and even sporting prowess as a trivial pursuit which can be treated as a activity for child like behaviour.