Possible Dream Ticket?

Elizabeth Warren And Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren And Joe Biden

With the moron in chief away with plans to do business, support allies and act presidential the opposition at home can contemplate getting rid of the joke.

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden at present look like a dynamic team to take and destroy Trump’s America.

Here is a poem for the #Resistance in the USA.

Anti Trump Dream Ticket

Tweet Kim Jong-un, from golf course
Blasting him into space instead
Kelly Conway has said through her arse
A wild night out being a blockhead

Of their failure to spot a trend
Today’s gun massacre discovered
Have another 1000 rounds left to spend
Wrong and not what was ordered

Picture of them taken out with passion
Delighted to receive refund.
They could have an hour off parmesan

That hasn’t played this season
Sets out our dream ticket
No way to talk about Biden and Warren.