I Want To Play Poker!

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Since my return to PokerKnave.com after my ‘removal from society’, I have not had a game of poker.

Yes it is crazy that a whole website designed and conceived as the premier blogging website for amateur/professional poker players to have nothing but publicity blurb about poker, is somewhat daft. But, this is where we are and to put it in the mouth of our ‘Dotard Leader’, it is what it is!

One of the reason is that I somehow lost the will to live when I watched a society slowly and completely lose their mind and this was backed up by my own country doing the same thing.

Trump and Brexit took over my life.

Trump and Brexit are both the result of the 2008 Lehman’s Day fiasco which was 15th September, 2008 when they were finally declared bankrupt. This finally led to the ‘Great Depression’ which saw ordinary tax payers around the world bailout the banks and committed to pay for it via the policies of austerity for the rest of their lives.

So effectively we as a race privatised the profits and socialised the losses. A kind of communism for capitalist. By buying all their toxic asset and not making them pay for their corrupt practices we as a people said that these ‘Masters of the Universe’ deserved the privileges they got for screwing us over. A mega mind meld if ever there was one.

Obviously the right wing completely lost all controls of their mind and bowels. They have lost it because they could not support such nonsense, but they did as the people who finance their cause told them to therefore needed to blame everyone but themselves for this ‘Alice In Wonderland’ come ‘A Book of Nonsense’ come acid trip come crack whore sex. 

This madness on the right has led to a situation in which the most famous billionaire in the world Bill Gates of Microsoft  is classed as a socialist because he has charitable views on health matters! 

So when you see the equilibrium of the world and its culture come crashing down with elevated polemicist cheering the end of the post-World War Two consensus and the rise of anti-democratic, anti-human rights, anti-gay, pro-racist, pro-religion, authoritarianism, I too have lost my mind somewhat and drifted from poker obsession to politics obsession.

OK, I have always been interested in politics but my problem was that I became transfixed to the point I was scared. I can see why these mad times lead to mad thinking, but, I could not get away from the crowd theory and the thought that we as a species would deliberately do our self in for something evil and wicked, why?

So not playing much or any poker especially during the ‘Lockdown’ and being fed up with the dive into darkness and stupidity I have reached some weird situations.

Online poker has no interest for me. Why play against a AI bot which will eventually rape you financially? I have not played live poker for something like 8 months and feel kind of desperate to get those cards into my hands again. 

Now the UK going into another lockdown soon, online poker has its attraction since live poker will be absent for a while.

So I will be doing some research into a online platform that is not bot friendly. I will also be searching for Poker Tottys!

As for the politics thing; well it is going to be interesting with the Northern Ireland/Ulster question finally coming to a head, and, the USA getting the chance to redeem itself from 4 years of being childishly silly.

Boris Johnson always knew the government in the UK could not breach the Good Friday Agreement but he always wanted to be ‘World King’ and therefore went for Brexit because there was enough racist who could be allied with the anti-European ideologues to get a reasonable vote percentage. The only problem being, the Brexiteers actually won exceeding all expectation.

We could see them winning and it was not good. Yes we made money out of it but the damage done will never be repaired unless the Brexiteers show some humility and backdown.

As for Trump, again we could see what was going on and yes we made some money out of it, but this again was extremely bad.

Trump didn’t want to win! He knows Putin has him by his balls and it will come out sooner or later to what degree Putin has him by. Trump wanted to big up his profile and brand. This went crazy because Hillary Clinton was a lazy or very unwell candidate with an ineffectual Vice Presidential candidate.

So this November 3rd, 2020 the USA can sack Trump for being completely rubbish at being President. It will then come out how much Trump owed Putin. 

Yes Trump could do what Roger Stone suggest and declare martial law, but this will be laughed out of Washington and the country. Some crazy yahoos will have a ‘last stand’ and some people may be killed but there should be enough sensible people, in my view 65%+ of the population that will not go down the anti-constitution road.

Just like Boris Johnson breaking international law – which he freely signed up to and won a general election saying he would stick to the wonderful law he proposed and created – if Trump does succeed in winning the election or bringing in martial law if he loses and he will lose, then democracy will have failed.

Either of these scenarios happen the future will not be good in any form. The rule of law and government of the people, by the people, for the people will not exist.

So with that in place lets stick in our ante and play poker.