The UK Political Poker Players Big Bet

For those in the game of politics like poker it is usual to be seen as rock solid and honest.

By being rock solid and honest it means that when you do lie you can usually spin it as a misspoke or a ‘statement taken out of context’. However, since the crash of Lehman’s Day 2008, you can lie and as long as you have the backing of your party and the press you can get away with shooting someone on 5th Street and still get votes as Trump once famously claimed.

Hence, we have this situation in the UK where the uber clown of a prime minister and his army of nincompoops are basically trashing any semblance honour and are doing what ever they like.

Apparently if you have a friend who you can trust you can get them to have government contracts and as long as you contribute to the party and earn loads of money.

You can give funding to a mistress and no one will say a thing. You can create a bogus report have the press scream and shout about its voracity, and say the North Atlantic slave trade had some benefits for culture in the Caribbean – forgetting about the genocide and criminality that went into this ”positive relations”!

Why is this of importance?

Well its important because it’s an attempt to stop any real evaluation of what is really happening in the real world and give succour to those who want to role back the concept of ‘Human Rights’.

The concept of human rights is only about 70 years old and came about after mass media exposed the hatred and evilness of the Second World War and all wars that came after. 

First those who did not want atrocities being displayed made it a condition of ’embedding’ journalist into the war machine. This was really visible after the Vietnam War although certain countries such as the old USSR have always practice this.

Then there was the economic push back with Thatcherite/Reaganomics of the 80’s arguing that welfare and public funding was holding back economic development so stifle funding for public works and economic equality and the markets will create more wealth for all.

Obviously the last 40years has shown that wealth is now more concentrated to the upper echelons of society than it was during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Then came the real damage – ending the legal embargo on abusing humans to make sure that exploiting humans is a viable proposition without redress. 

The swing to extreme right wing views on humanity is growing and getting embolden with what it has gotten away with so far hence a President could attempt to stop democracy in its track as was attempted on 6th January, 2021 and Russian financed propaganda was able to get the UK to vote against its best interest and create a negative economic hit and no one seems overly concerned.

These two examples would equate to short changing the pot or down right stealing from the pot in a game of poker and the players in the game not being able to do anything about it. 

Yes my arguments are simplistic and if a system is so delicate that for the price of a Mig fighter the President of the US and therefore the leader of all liberal democracies can be manipulated what will happen when a more determined and better thought out strategy is put in place?

China is now the second largest economy in the World. There system of ‘one country, two systems’ has ended and they see no value in overtly democratic ideas – why should they? The majority of their people are financially better than they were, the forces that support liberal democracy are degenerating into facile oligarchy more interested in avocado pears on toast and the only questions that need to be answered is who has the cash?

So as British society go back to a feudal system which will be managed by smart technology, those who are unlucky to be born during this time will be at the mercy of ‘taste’, ‘fashion’ and other whimsical ideas. Where the grace and favour of the ruling classes determine who will survive and thrive, and who will suffer and wither. 

Already we see how the vaccine is being hoarded in a form of ‘medical nationalism’ when we clearly do not have to do things this way. Right wing politicians in the US were not happy to attack the military coup in Myanmar and both Brazil and India are heading to civil conflict because the leaders of these two large liberal democracies are seeing their power slip away due to mismanagement and hubris.

Which brings me back to the report in which the spin on the North Atlantic slave trade and subsequent fall out of racism and hypocrisy is now seen as a good thing forgetting all those who died and all those who did not want to be part of a ‘positive contribution’ to the British aristocracy. 

If you do not think that this has anything to do with money and power just remember that the British government finally paid of those slaver holders for lose of business assets in 2015, 192 years after the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833.