English Rogue: The Play

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This is a video promoting the updated version of The English Rogue which was originally written by Richard Head in 17th Century.

Pokerknave and others re-edited the book to make it easier to read as the English used in the original text was very hard to understand. Now a play has been written and is up for sale on Mintable or Millwoods.

The play is quite long but for those who like costume dramas and a bit of ‘slap and tickle’ this play will be right up their street. Basically its 17th Century sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The English Rogue: The Stage Play.

Adapted from the original book by Richard Head The person that purchases this play will have all the copyrights to this play. The only thing I will require is recognition that it was commissioned and written by PokerKnave and the Pokerknave team.

The play has been structured in 11 parts.

Introduction by Richard Head

Chapter 1: Ireland

Chapter 2: The Rebellion

Chapter 3: The First Troupe

Chapter 4: The Servant

Chapter 5: Return to Ireland

Chapter 6: The Blasphemer

Chapter 7: The Thieves

Chapter 8: Paramours

Chapter 9: Jailbird

Chapter 10: Redemption The book can be purchased on Amazon