William Hill: Abuse Of Power

William Hill customer service

William Hill Sucks, 2 Bad!

This will seem a strange topic to have a go at, but I am experience a very stressful and abusive situation involving William Hill and my money!

William Hill have basically locked my account for an unspecified reason and apparently it can take up to 8 weeks before I can get my money out. 

This localises for me the last 50 years of what could be considered Thatcherite Reaganomics, in which private business straddle the individual like a behemoth and uses it power to generate income for its self. 

The individual has no immediate means to challenge this colossus of entitlement and the liberal democratic state has been shrunken so small after the World War Two Human Rights settlement that the state will act as the aristocratic and elites minder or security.

What William Hill bookmakers are doing is using my money to provide liquidity for their operations and not allowing me to take it out and therefore I lose whatever interest I could generate from it.

William Hill will say that  I signed up to their terms and conditions, however, I have no recourse to challenge their interpretation of the T&C’s and put forward my interpretations of their T&C’s.

How did I get here?

Simple, they offer me loads of free stuff and make believe that they are facilitating my fun times! When in fact they are in the middle of selling themselves to a private equity firm and need to show vast amount of traffic and giving free stuff is a way of doing this. 

Now again there would not be a problem if I behaved in the spirit they make these offers. I will not leave money in their business for more than a day. I will try and maximise my prospect of winning using their offers, I will not play online fruit machines and other casino games after my bruising encounter with Ladbrokes and I try to limit silly bets on things I do not know about.

This is not what William Hill want me to do.

Yes I like exotic bets such as accumulators. But if you treat it like single bets and realise that they will not always come off. It can be fun for small stakes.

The weekend before I had my account locked I had a bet which if I had taken the risk could have made me £100,000+ for very small stake with the advantage of better than 3/1 shot of getting my money back. However that would have been very speculative and the only time you do these sort of things is with small percentage of previous profits or using the free bets that bookmakers give you to encourage reckless behaviour. 

Clearly William Hill could see that was what I was planning and they decided enough is enough. Grab the money and let him stew for a few weeks over some bogus ‘security investigation’.

Why is this political?

Its political because William Hill know that if I get upset and angry at them taking my money and refusing to give it back, I literally cannot do anything especially as it is very small amount. They know this and use it to their advantage. They do not want me as a customer as I will make it difficult for them to act like an extreme addict. Of course I like betting, but I have been there and done that, and, I have learnt that chucking all your money at the first favourite at Royal Ascot is not always a good move. I am more cautious and try to maximise the maths in my favour.

They have lost me as a customer and they are alright with that. Meanwhile I am raging and want to do damage to William Hill. They also know that too. Preferably I should walk into one of their shops and smash it to bits then offer to repair the smashing up, just like they will eventually have to give me back my money; but the state would see this as a criminal matter and not a civil matter.

William Hill taking my money is a civil matter and not a criminal matter so they have the advantage.

 Losing ‘valuable’ customer in their view is good because I may pull off the miracle bet. Plus they get to keep my money for a while to get other punters to lose and improve the liquidity just before The Super Bowl, Cheltenham, The Grand National and various Cup Finals.

How should I address this utter contempt and disrespectful behaviour from this company?

Obviously, get the word out so other punters can be prepared for the inevitable crooked acts they will do to them if they feel they are betting to cleverly. The other thing I should do is get more active in fighting this pernicious privatisation of human rights and the law, campaign on behalf of the individual over the behemoth companies and their T&C’s hustle and use every means necessary to cost William Hill money to make it harder for them to treat others in such a cavalier and irresponsible manner. 

By the way as I am writing this post I am on Day 4 of this phantom mythical ‘investigation’. The ‘helpdesk’ is run by semi-engaged teenagers who are told to say ”I understand your feelings…but a phone call or email will come to you” and that is it criminally vague and pathetic!

I have the email which came on Day 3 and it was your standard mass email. So that confirms everything about this sham. Why spend 3 days when all they have to do is send me my money and close my account. Obviously, I will want all paper work and data concerning this travesty and will endeavour to cause as much cost as possible to them as they have caused me in anger and grief.  

I have now decided to have every single piece of data sent to me via email. So this will take up some time and then I am going to approach all the gambling charities and get them to investigate their practices.

This may seem petty and negative but being accused of criminal activity or whatever excuse they are going to use and then keep me having access to my own cash is vexing to the extreme.