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  • Hitler may have been evil, destroyed many people and got rid of a lot of things, but he certainly saved the History Channel.,
  • Kim Jong-un has applied for a job at Sony. But they didn't give it to him, because he ruined the interview. ,
  • Putin: It's too early to decide if I will run for re-election in 2018. But not too early to decide the results. ,
  • Can't tell right from wrong anymore. Stupid names for twins anyway.,
  • I was sick at a party last night. Most people thought it was an odd choice of fancy dress.,

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The North Korean Slamdunk

Kim Jong-un goes nuts about a film

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un gets upset about a rubbish Hollywood film called The Interview

Got to give it to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, he can certainly punch above his weight! At the moment he is TELLING the White House staff that they are out of order accusing North Korea of launching a cyber attack on Sony Pictures. North Korean announcers then THREATENED the Americans that they will not tolerate any false accusations and want a joint investigation.

Well that seems fair enough given that there is no evidence put forward that North Korea has actually hacked Sony except that the film which was the ‘CAUSE’ of the attacked was about Kim Jong-un! So circumstantial evidence is not enough and with Americas recent record for jumping off a cliff and into armed conflict based on dodgy evidence still fresh in the mind, this is not a good sign.

However, unlike Iraq North Korea kind of welcome direct conflict as they have no issue with their tactics which is basically drop an atomic bomb on South Korea if it all ‘kicks off’. They will also would like to drop bombs on US but that will be difficult. All in all North Korea is like a ‘short stack’ poker player who will go all in with a half decent hand. So far it has worked for them.

So while the politics maybe high brow the method used by North Korea are strictly easy to understand and the hassle it has caused in US cultural establishment has been hilarious to witness. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The big one. Sony will not or they will show the film in question. They have blamed the cinemas and anyone else for not or maybe showing The Interview. Maybe it will be the first time the Hollywood chattering classes will want to see a pirate copy of the film go public.
  • Angelina Jolie is a brat with no talent according to Sony and Scott Rudin the producer.
  • Barack Obama likes films with black actors.
  •  Amy Pascal, a Sony big boss is a racist. She thinks Barack Obama ‘race’ is funny.
  • George Clooney hates criticism of his acting.
  • Princess Beatrice earns $30,000 per year. What she does for the money is not very clear?
  • Adam Sandler makes “mundane, formulaic…. films” according to Sony executives.
  • Amy Pascal reckons Adam Sandler is a asshole.
  • Women still get less money than men for working on the same films. In fact sexism is full on at Sony.
  • Denzel Washington should not get lead parts because he is black and the world do not go to films in which blacks are the lead part.

So all in all black women will get the worst parts and the worst money as a rule and it has nothing to do with talent or skill. With all that has happened this has opened the world of executive decision making and how personal ‘taste’ colours everything even at the top of the corporate food chain. The people behind the hack have done a good thing in a way as it given the ordinary plebs an insight into the movers and shakers of western culture.

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December 2014 US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report –

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December 2014 US Offshore Online Poker Payment Processing Report
Maying a payment Offshore online poker sites that accept U.S. players continue to process payments in a respectable time frame. Some payouts are delivered in just one or two days. Speeds improved some over the previous month, even with football season ...

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Blog Of The Year – Blog Of The Month Competition

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Knavecoin For Poker Blogs

Knavecoin For Poker Blogs

This competition is to find the best blog of the month and the best blog of the year 2014/2015 on the site. It is only open to those who have an account with and the criteria for the best blog will be:

1. The blog is interesting.

2. The blog is informative.

3. The blog has some post about the blogger’s poker/betting/partying lifestyle.

4. The blogger has made more than 5 post during the month and at least 50 post for the year.

5. The blog posts must be original. Checks will be made to see if the blogs have been copied from elsewhere.

6. Spam blogs will be disqualified (see Terms of Service)

The competition starts at 00:01(GMT) on the 1st of November 2014, and, finishes 23:59 (GMT) 3oth November 2015. The competition is open to any blog that is active during the year and during any particular month. The winner will be announced on 7th of the following month for the monthly prize and the 7th of December 2015 for the year. The judge’s decision is final. The prize money does not alter the share of revenue that all blogs receive.

Monthly blog competition starts on the first day of the month and the prize is announced on the 7th day of the following month. All blog post must fall within the first and last day of the month.

All form of blogs will be accepted and include without exclusion, video, audio, written text etc.

Prize Money Breakdown:

Year – Winner 100,000 KNC;

           2nd 50,000 KNC;

          3rd 25,000 KNC;

          4th 15,000 KNC;

          5th 10,000 KNC;

          6th to 10th 5,000 KNC each.

Month – Winner 10,000 KNC,

              2nd 5,000 KNC;   

              3rd 3,000 KNC;

              4th 2,000 KNC.

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