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  • I saw a hearse today with a wreath that spelled ''Dad'' I think they left the E out.,
  • I am absolutely useless at everything I ever do. That's why I killed myself last night.,
  • Febreeze... Because your house stinks of weed and your parents will be home any minute.,
  • What's the difference between Adolf Hitler and Dr. Walter Palmer? There are people on the internet who admire Adolf Hitler.,
  • Do you ever get that feeling you are being ignored? Windows 9 was my idea,

PokerKnave’s Blog

New Website For Anti-Politics

Added on July 31st, 2015 by admin
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Reynard News

A News Site For Loons, Kooks, Simpletons And  Jaded Fruitcakes

The New Site Will Not Be Aimed At Those Who Pay Money For Prejudicial Information, Faux Outrage, Bogus Indignation And Cynical Blowhardery.


Another illegal immigrant murder case
Legal is not always morally right
Ignored in shooter’s gun purchase
The USA keeps me up at night.

For you nothing is off limits
Right now; we need to lead.
Against winning by double-digits.
After 5 family members found dead.

They certainly like our message.
Create a history of bizarre statements,
Author of another new book equals 83.

Be scared of an Iranian empire.
Enough here to regurgitate,
Come see us play in Iowa and  New Hampshire.




Latest News

Poker stars come to Fresno, Clovis to support online poker legislation – Fresno Bee (blog)

Added on July 31st, 2015 by news
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Fresno Bee (blog)

Poker stars come to Fresno, Clovis to support online poker legislation
Fresno Bee (blog)
“We view online poker as the next big thing in poker and strongly support efforts in California to authorize it,” 500 Club Casino general manager Dusten Perry says in a news release promoting the event. The 500 Club is donating all proceeds from the ...

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Future Events

Want To Be A Poker Totty?

Added on March 14th, 2015 by admin
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Poker Totty questions

Poker Totty Questions

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