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  • Our favourite crack head politician Rob Ford is now a ordinary councilor! Ah well time for the crack heads to wise up that coke is shiite.,
  • Rowett named Birmingham City new manager. Probably the safest 1/4 ever as no one half decent wanted the job.,
  • RT : By joining the Poolknave Pari-Mutuel Predictor you will be entitled to 200KNC. ,
  • Yesterday a friend asked if he could crash on my couch. I had to explain to him I was married now and that's where I sleep.,

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Get £200 Worth Of Knavecoins For Free!

Added on October 27th, 2014 by admin
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Knavecoins For Free

Knavecoins For Free

Alternative coins (altcoins) or crypto-currency as some like to call it will be the future of financial transaction within the next 10 years. Just like the Internet was beginning to change the way we communicate 20 years ago altcoins will be that radical. So to let our readers get on board before the explosion of altcoins mean that the ruling elite grab the loin share, we are making it easy to get on the first rung of the new financial ladder.

 The first thing you can do for yourself is get an ewallet. Ewallets are the way you store your altcoins. Go to and download your eWallet. Then get yourself a blog on and get involved in winning/earning Knavecoins.  After that, you can join PoolKnave PMP and get another 200KNC (£200) with which you can use to play our ultra fair pari-mutuel system which has a range of topics from football to politics and exchange rate to soap operas.  You can even nominate your own topics and markets on which you can play on. The whole point is to get a crowd sourced opinion on all types of subjects and topics. The results of which can denote how the general public think and is totally anonymous.

This is a unique attempt is to create a market research, opinion research and prediction system in one. With our pari-mutuel we only charge 1% per event/subject/market and you can use any amount of KNC to play with. For security reason all KNC is converted to PoolKnave Tokens called PK’s. This is to give a extra level of security as KNC like all crypto-currency have no central system of control, therefore, there is no way of getting misappropriated altcoins back. How the exchange of altcoins is registered is by using a public accounting called block chains which record all transaction openly. 

So what are you waiting for get your free coins now!

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Breaking Down the 2014 Midterm Elections Regarding Online Poker – NJPokerOnline

Added on October 29th, 2014 by news
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Breaking Down the 2014 Midterm Elections Regarding Online Poker
Of particular interest to those who are looking for online poker regulation could be the Senate. Currently the Democratic Party holds a slim edge over the Republican Party and, if the GOP is able to pick up six seats to seize control of the overall ...

Future Events

Blog Of The Year – Blog Of The Month Competition

Added on October 27th, 2014 by admin
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Knavecoin For Poker Blogs

Knavecoin For Poker Blogs

This competition is to find the best blog of the month and the best blog of the year 2014/2015 on the site. It is only open to those who have an account with and the criteria for the best blog will be:

1. The blog is interesting.

2. The blog is informative.

3. The blog has some post about the blogger’s poker/betting/partying lifestyle.

4. The blogger has made more than 5 post during the month and at least 50 post for the year.

5. The blog posts must be original. Checks will be made to see if the blogs have been copied from elsewhere.

6. Spam blogs will be disqualified (see Terms of Service)

The competition starts at 00:01(GMT) on the 1st of November 2014, and, finishes 23:59 (GMT) 3oth November 2015. The competition is open to any blog that is active during the year and during any particular month. The winner will be announced on 7th of the following month for the monthly prize and the 7th of December 2015 for the year. The judge’s decision is final. The prize money does not alter the share of revenue that all blogs receive.

Monthly blog competition starts on the first day of the month and the prize is announced on the 7th day of the following month. All blog post must fall within the first and last day of the month.

All form of blogs will be accepted and include without exclusion, video, audio, written text etc.

Prize Money Breakdown:

Year – Winner 100,000 KNC;

           2nd 50,000 KNC;

          3rd 25,000 KNC;

          4th 15,000 KNC;

          5th 10,000 KNC;

          6th to 10th 5,000 KNC each.

Month – Winner 10,000 KNC,

              2nd 5,000 KNC;   

              3rd 3,000 KNC;

              4th 2,000 KNC.

If you havent got a account then get one here its free and you gain a share of the revenue <JOIN UP> If you need any help on adminitrating your blog check out PokerKnave Help section

The winner will receive payment by Knavecoin Wallet

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