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Friends 20 Years Old

Added on September 22nd, 2014 by admin
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Friends 20 Years Old

It seems that Friends has been on for more than 20 years. There must be a formula to prove that Friends is on at least twice at anytime of the day.

As a cultural statement ‘Friends’ made it OK to be a geek with two of the male characters being geek inspired. They were also socially awkward and soppy, yet they managed to get hold of some of the fittest women on TV.

Clearly this was an attempt at social engineering which was successful especially when the guy who was not awkward around women (Joey), was also the dimmest of the bunch.

The women were basically the precursor to the size zero, gap between the legs movement, initiated by male fashion models but carried out by female celebrities. Non of the women on Friends were bigger than size 8 and this was emphasized by Monica Geller being a reformed fat person.

The size zero model broke down when Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston and went with a more rounded woman in the shape of Angelina Jolie, before she also joined the ‘rush to downsize’.

So all in all Friends has dictated Occidental culture for the last 20 years and that included poker. In the poker edition it created a scenario in which Ross deliberately under played a hand to get into Rachel’s knickers. This has led to loads of situation in which film makers especially those that do not play poker create scenarios in their films in which players deliberately lose with winning hands as some sort supra-Machiavellian plot which when played out is so absurd that even Harold Robbins would be ashamed if it was in his novel.

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Latest News

Real Gaming expands Nevada online poker service – iGaming Business

Added on September 23rd, 2014 by news
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iGaming Business

Real Gaming expands Nevada online poker service
iGaming Business
Las Vegas-based Real Gaming, formerly known as South Point Poker, has extended its online poker service in Nevada by allowing players to deposit cash from any 7-Eleven and Family Dollar stores across the state. In February, iGaming Business reported ...
NV Poker Site Teams With 7-Eleven, Family
Nevada Poker Players Can Deposit at 7-ElevenPartTimePoker News
Unique Depositing Options Now Available at Real -Gaming Intelligence Group (registration)
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Future Events

KnaveCoin Webcasting Sammies Northern Soul Night From Gilberts’

Sammies 2nd Reunion - Northern Soul Night

Sammies 2nd Reunion – Northern Soul Night

Knavecoin with PoolKnave, PokerKnave, Slamspin and Gwapex are proud to sponsor Sammies 2nd Reunion Northern Soul Night in support of St Giles Youth Club. The event will take place at Gilberts Nightclub in Willenhall on the 26th September, 2014. Tickets can be brought in advance but they are available on the door. Please be aware that this will be a popular event and will probably be sold out.

St Giles Youth Club has long history and was once home for the band Slade. Things have not gone the clubs way for sometime but it is a much needed venue for the youths who live around that area so any monies raised they will be grateful for the donations. Well will be selling our rare records at the venue and donating 10% of all sales to the cause and we will be accepting Knavecoins and Bitcoins. The records will start at £1 or 1KNC or 0.0035BTC.

Knavecoin will be broadcasting the event live via for all those who cannot make it on the night or who live in places in which it would be impracticable to go because of distance. For those who are not familiar about the northern soul scene – it was a musical movement which started in the north of England and encapsulated the love of RnB, soul and Motown records of the 60′s and 70′s. Northern Soul was the forerunner of the house/rave scene and was totally dedicated to dancing all night long. 

Recently northern soul has made a comeback with the sale of vinyl taking off as younger aficionados take up the mantle that their parents and even grand parents once held aloft.

Northern soul has influenced some major acts such as  Mike Pickering, Pete Waterman, Soft Cell, Moloko, Plan B’s, Two Tone, Happy Mondays. 

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