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Things To Do When Bored With Poker #19

Added on March 1st, 2010 by admin
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A weekend spent watching the ups and downs of the beautiful game and not playing poker, one thing constantly came to mind, how is this making my life better?

Sure it was great watching Wayne Bridge take revenge on his former best friend John Terry for breaking the unwritten code of friends never going to the holy of holies with your best mates woman. OK they had broken up, ok he lived miles away, ok all is fair in love and war, ok she is a slapper and he is a dog. But the code remains once touched by your best friend that lady of celebrity land is now out of bounds and he should have asked for permission! No I am not some dyed in the wool misogynist its just the way it is between males.

The fact is if you do go into the holy of holies you should never get caught, as it creates bad vibe, bad karma and once that trust has been broken it can never be replaced. It is a scientific fact the 1 in 25 children is being raised by a man who does not know that he is not the father. Many guys have broken the code but have not been caught out!

So back to what I did over the weekend. Well nothing except give the bookmakers my hard earned cash in a irresponsible way, got slightly tipsy and listened to some ‘old skool’ music.  Using the poker tables to earn cash has now gone global and some new players that have come forward look the part and it should be interesting how they will develop to be the next Superstar of Online Poker.

So as I rekindle the poker juices and get back to the game of rogues, degenerates and vagabonds just take away this little idea why play badugi? Answer, because it makes you think in completely opposite to the way I was taught to think when learning poker. In badugi you go for low cards of different suits, a complete reverse to the way my mind operates at the moment.

So while you ponder whether to have a go at this South Korean curiosity, check out this amazing old skool choon by Basshead and featuring Afrika Bambaataa on vocals – altogether now ACCCCIIIIIIIIEEEEED!

YouTube Preview Image

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