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Interesting Times…

Added on April 6th, 2010 by admin
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Suspicious going on and shady dealings

Suspicious going on and shady dealings

When the Financial Times makes a statement it is wise to listen to what they say. They do figure quite high up in the regions of power play business and law. Therefore, for them to come out and say the US government are going to attempt to shake down the biggest online poker site in the world you know it has a lot of voracity behind the statement.

Making statements of money laundering is a big statement to make which creates images of massive criminality. Which do not look good for people like Phil Ivey who  is one of the faces of Full Tilt Poker. What evidence they have of this should be relatively easy to find, if the various legal authorities such as the UK government make it an requirement to show the electronic paper trail.

This is serious! In the past I have described the US of A The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 as so wrong that it is an abomination and labelled it Dikshit Law after Anurag Diktat who had to pay untold millions to make sure he did not go to jail. If they get a result against Full Tilt Poker – the Alderney registered Goliath then the US will have a big decision to make and it is thus. Does the nation the brought the purest form of capitalism to the world really going to stop its citizen from playing it online? We shall be returning to this story again.

Talking about big decisions, it has been announced that a General Election has been called for May 6th 2010 and it will be a most curious election since all parties will want to disassociate themselves from the parliament of 2005 – 2010 because of the expenses row which nearly brought the who thing down. In fact we shall see if the legacy of the expenses row leads to loads of new and interesting parties being elected because they were not part of pocketing public money into their pockets.

As the old Chinese phrase for a scary troubled era goes ‘…we live in interesting times…’ and the betting markets have another very strong event for the bookies, after the bonanza of Cheltenham, the Grand national 2010 and the granddaddy of all betting World Cup 2010!

Choices That You Make

Added on December 13th, 2009 by admin
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At The Turn of The Tide

A The Turn of The Tide by Steve Bonner

We all make choices even if it is a choice between a rock and a hard place. In poker the hardest choice is what to do after the flop because this is when you have either made your hand, re-inforced your hand or have a great chance of having a hand. it can also mean that your opponenents has done the same or even better.

This is the same for life choices or any other choice you have to make. I recently had a choice over picking Accrington Stanly to beat Notts County at Notts County.  I turned down the opportunity because I was blinded by the magnificent of Sven Goran Erikson  (the former England manager), and the belief that other teams had better chances to win than Accrington Stanly – such as Chelsea at home to Everton!

At 9/2 (5.5) it was a reasonable bet, i did my homework and the stats looked good as did the price. I chickened out and Accrington Stanley duly won against a Notts County team in crisis. Chelsea by the way drew making my bad choice a double whammy.

Likewise Mr Anurag Dikshit from Party Gaming – our poker geek poster boy’s – is in the news today as his company is in talks about a massive $2 billion merger with Bwin the Austrian betting firm. Again choices are at play because in the age of austerity mergers and cost cutting are the order of the day. This will lead to many other mergers and cost cutting allied with new innovations.

On the face of it this seems like a rational thing to do, but I see dangers as it wil dilute the brand that is Bwin. Nothing against Party Gaming but Bwin has a very sensible image and there are other poker brands that would love to get there hands on Bwin strong European operations.

Obviously the choice is whether to buy Bwin shares for the inevitable price ramping that will happen and the answer is yes. My only caveat is that based on my choices this weekend i would not go lumping on the share price, just in case.

Dikshit Law UK Style!

Added on October 20th, 2009 by pokerknave
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I hate to put all the dodgy officialdom at the door of Anurag Dikshit, but, his name in a Anglo-Saxon sense does lend its self to parody the establishment and the establishments confusion over poker and gambling.

We have had the original version of Dikshit Law US style, then Dikshit Law Danish style and now we have Dikshit Law UK style. The thing about the UK version was that it was more petty than serious and it happened when I was around and straight away I put on my legal eagle hat and laid into the civil servants like a crackhead into a pile of Colombian marching powder.

One thing I am good at and that is licensing law and gambling regulations within the licensing industry, and the poor souls whose job it was to bring aggravation to the nice people that run the poker club where I was did not know what hit them.

You see in UK law if a publican want to organise a poker tournament where there is prize money but no entry fee then that publican could have £1, £1,000 or £1,000,000 whatever! The problem comes about when there is an entry fee. These under briefed council workers were under the impression that poker the game was illegal.

In fact it is not illegal to have an entry fee as long as it does not exceed £100 in a public house or £250 in a social club. Having a tourney which has a rolling prize money such as a lottery roll over is frowned upon but no one is sure whether it is illegal or not and will depend on case law which the licensing authorities are very reluctant to prosecute. So there is a little grey area which has been exploited by a number of pub poker leagues.

However, I digress a little because the tourney in this particular pub was running, was more of a training event with a very small entry fee to keep the poker virgins interest (£5). At the same time there was a funeral and international football so the evening was packed and the beer was flowing.

Round about the time when the pub was closing two representatives from the council licensing officer came in and started to lay the law down about all sorts of very minor misdemeanours. The reason for this is that someone has been complaining to the licensing authorities with the attempt to get the establishment closed down – why because the local resident wants it closed down.

Now why would you buy a house in the vicinity of a vibrant public house? There is a reason why the property are cheaper than other comparable houses without a pub within walking distance, so you will get taxis peeping their horn (that sounds quite rude really), people smoking outside of the pub (smoking has been banned from indoor public area).

The head civil servant started to lay down the law about the licensee’s obligation; then said that poker was illegal! At this point I invited myself into the discourse and started to lay down the law and the moral obligation to do our best on behalf of the poker lovers. Head honcho was taken aback as her version of ‘official’ law was question and that has never been done before.

After full and frank discourse, it began to dawn on the couple that I must be right since a well known brewing company and a famous betting firm would not be sponsoring pub poker equipment if it were illegal. Obviously in these situations you cannot go too deep and metaphorically slam the opponents to the floor, jumping all over their bodies, as it could store up problems later on with other licensing issues and in the end the argument was a mistake on the law and not remotely comparable to the other Dikshit Law situations.

What it does signify is that there is still official perception that poker is about shady characters and dodgy practices as if the players were gambling miscreants who has well as being social misfits are the sort of people you should never invite into your house as bad things will happen if you do. The truth is that poker is psychological chess where the mind is manipulated and moulded by maths and subterfuge.

My theory is that law makers who have made anti poker laws or even created an anti poker climate have probably been a fish and were taken down easily by a person who was deemed to be off lower intelligence/social rank and therefore lower than the legislator and the legislator has never forgotten it, hence the anti poker feeling.

I am proud to have stood up for liberty in the face of tyranny and have won. best of all I got a drink out of it as well, slap officialdom and got drunk – win/win situation. Happy days!

To go off topic at the moment it has been put on me that I should organise a calender photo shoot for the Poker Tottys’. This sounds like a good idea and I will investigate and come back with an answer in the next day or so.

If you have any views on this subject then please drop me a line. In the meantime hear are a selection of previous Poker Totty’s for you to consider.

Poker Totty Sky after a winPoker Totty Sky
Poker Totty ChristinaPoker Totty Christina
Poker Totty Sally

Dikshit Law (2)

Added on April 8th, 2009 by pokerknave
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Sometime ago I wrote an article about the ludicrous US law concerning online poker <Dikshit Law Link>. Well it seems that the US government are looking for a sensible outcome. According to the papers PartyGaming agreed a $105 million settlement over activities in the US <The Guardian>.

Why is this significant? Well it means we are nearer to the day when online poker can fully exploit the massive US market and create more liquidity in the online poker markets. With increased liquidity new ideas will be thought up to make the online experience more interesting.

In the meantime we must continue with the dull graphics that inhabit the world of online poker waiting for the next big idea which will eventually come and will rekindle the juices that a person like me needs.

Dikshit Law!

Added on December 19th, 2008 by pokerknave
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The unfortunate Mr Anurag Dikshit has lost $300 million dollar but manage to keep out of jail because he was one of the main shareholder of Party Gaming a pioneer in online poker <Link 1>.

What was he doing to have suffered such an ordeal? Well he facilitated US citizens the chance to play poker online, which apparently under US Law (The Interstate Wire Act of 1961) is illegal. When this law came in it was to stop bookies taking telephone bets on sports such as football and horse racing and was not designed to stop online poker, which obviously was not even a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee eye.

Now anyone with even a passing knowledge of poker realise that there is a big difference between playing poker and having a double on the first two favourites at Churchill Downs. In fact poker can be seen more as chess for the psychology student than gambling. You can gamble, but, that is no more different than deciding which direction the FTSE will move.

Now why is this important? Well the US is the spear of capitalism and poker is the ‘house game’ for capitalist. In fact it is the purest form of capitalism and is so ingrained into the Us of A psyche that over 80 million play poker every week. In fact a number of Presidents were well known poker players and this includes the President presumptive Barack Obama!

This ludicrous situation must now be rectify, not because Mr Dikshit will be bankrupt by this ruling – he is the 207th richest man in the world, but because in an age where people have virtual relationships with people over the world, what more does a good capitalist need but to have the whole world playing poker?

Anyway, according to Wikipedia the US Supreme court has yet to rule on online gambling <Link 2> and us poor feeble minded individuals await its ruling with relish since it will indicate whether the US is a nanny state or not,

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