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Invisible On The Internet

Added on July 29th, 2014 by admin
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Invisible On The Internet

Invisible On The Internet

I like to browse the Internet in private. Not because I am doing something dodgy, as if I would look at two naked women smearing butter all over each other….NO! I like my Internet browsing to be private because it makes advertisers job that little bit harder to serve their clients latest thing ‘to help my life to be better’, harder.

However, sometimes my life on the Internet is invisible because the stuff I want to do I cannot do because of various reasons such as no Internet connection, lost passwords, no website, corrupted website, denial of service attack and other weird and wonderful activity. This is not ’Cyberchondria’ or anything major such as nomophobia – the fear of no mobile reception it is not doing stuff that you want to do which seems to me much worst.

Hopefully things have been resolved, but I will not be doing a jig of joy. It seems the more we get on board with the Internet and it becomes a major part of our life the more it seems to be more fragile.

A Business Plan For BitCoin Entrepreneurs

Added on October 6th, 2013 by admin
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Silk Road Logo

Silk Road Logo

Since we live in a virtual world where reality and dreams can mix, lets devise an idea that will truly free the people from all responsibilities and laws.

This is a libertarian wet dream but now it seems we can does this in reality and still maintain some resemblance of normality. 

Immediately a Silk Road style website is launched. Yes I know the authorities have probably subverted Tor but there must be another way of being anonymous on the net. Next We create a online poker site which takes BitCoins. As well as the online poker site we will also create a way of exchanging BitCoins for real cash so that it is easy to get your money for the real world.

Then we create a world wide call girl/boy sex ring so that men and women can pay for sex using BitCoins anonymously. Again there will be logistics problems but Craiglist seemed to have got over this problem….so I have been told!

So in 3 steps we have circumvented the nation state and let loose cheap quality drugs, unlimited online poker and a take away style brothel. All we need to do now is create a religion which will allow us do these types of activity morally, and everything will be hunky dory. Or will it?

Who is going to work in the factories and the fields while we are off our heads on smack, down on our luck at cards and in rehab for sex addiction? Will we rely on third world child labour to cut down on cost? Will the plutocrats who run the world, and, have been slowly accumulating massive wealth; suddenly take away the Internet after taking all our cash and assets? How would we survive such a shock to the system?

Beware of the Internet! It can be taken away from you and reliance on it will be humanity’s undoing. 



The Twits On Twitter


Crossing the Bar

Sunset and evening star,
  And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
  When I put out to sea,

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
    Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
    Turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
    When I embark;

For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place
    The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
    When I have crost the bar.

© Alfred Lord Tennyson. 


Twitter is the perfect example how technology can change society. When we first got into Twitter in 2008 it was seen as a perfect tool some idiots to spout nonsense 24/7, and, my first reaction was it will be like MySpace. How right and wrong was I?


First things first. Twitter is for talking crap! That is the whole point of it. If you take Twitter seriously then you are just as silly as the response you get when you post something contentious on it. The only thing is that others take these things seriously and I cannot change peoples mind or do a digital Canute and turn back the tide of technological change. Just as the captain in the poem by Tennyson does not know what is on the other side until he ‘crost the bar’.


One of the funny things that is going to be on Twitter in the next few weeks is the online spat between Rupert Murdoch international mogul and Kevin Rudd the Australian Prime Minister. Kevin Rudd has accused Rupert Murdoch of unleashing his newspapers and other media outlets to attack the Labour policy of connecting all the homes and small businesses on the internet super speed highway, because it will direct allow competition to have a good chance against FoxTel Mr Murdoch’s cash cow. Obviously Rupert Murdoch denies this and say his publication have the freedom to do what the want.


Therefore this is the democratisation views and opinions. Anyone can join the debate and send tweets to whoever they want. The only problem is that when you allow anyone to say anything, a lot of people will say what they want. So to hear that people are threatening rape because Jane Austin has been put on a ten pound note is not surprising. Of course it is wrong but it shows that some people are not right in the head. Allowing anyone to get involved in any debate will get a load of garbage because people talk a lot of garbage, including me, well especially me!


There is no answer to this if you want a free Internet and free comment. We have all trolled someone or been trolled by someone we disagreed with. Being baited or trying to illicit a response which would show how easy we or they were to get upset, why? Well mostly because we disagreed with their opinion, but, didn’t have any respect about the views espoused. It is the action of lazy thinking and closed minds, but, when there is nowhere else to go in a debate then abuse follows.


Like I said there will be no answer to this and the fact that the police are going to have to become more involved in the arbitration of online spats things will get more silly and expensive. The only way not to be influenced or upset with Twitter is to ban Twitter. The crossing of the bar is complete.

Cheeky Buggers

Added on January 31st, 2013 by admin
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Hacker At Work

When you get hacked it is annoying, but, what is worst is when the hackers offer their services as a security consultant so effectively blackmailing you to pay them to stop hacking you. If anything will drive the internet into the hands of the government and plutocrats is this type of behaviour. In fact why wouldn’t those dodgy who choose to rule the masses not encourage hackers to do their bidding when it will eventually help the oppressors keep power?

Wikileaks has done some good in that it taught us that in high level politics things are not always as they seem. With such monumental escapades will have the alternative sheer hooliganism and dark criminal activity. 

Anyway hopefully these people will do stuff about the abuse of human rights, rampant religious intolerance and the over reach of global plutocrats instead of humble website owners and bloggers having a presence on the net.

Webcast From The Tower of Song

Click on image to see the free webcast on 27/01/2013

Tower Of Song 6th Anniversary Party

Webcast is free on Sunday 27th January 2013 at 9pm

Click on the banner to watch and listen to the gig.

Entry to the club on the night is by appointment only.

The Tower of Song

107 Pershore Road South,
King’s Norton,
B30 3JX

train station Kings Norton.

(0121) 486 1300 

This pilot webcast will feature Tom Martin, cellist Helena Rosewell, Bill O’Brien, Sam Cornwell and The Heart Beat Honky Tonk. During the viewing you will have the opportunity to comment on the show and forward questions to the musicians and the organisers on our real time chat room.

Click on image to see the free webcast on 27/01/2013

PokerKnave, QuizKnave and PoolKnave are looking for new venues. If you have a venue or venues that could feature The Poker Tottys, Live Streaming of quiz nights, pool nights and other events that will produce a pro-active and innovative marketing campaign then let us know.

This is a unique opportunity for a venue owner/management who need to re-invigorate their venue at very minimum cost. A chance to attract customers and raise profile must not be missed.

All enquires will be confidential.

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PokerKnave About To Go Live

Added on September 30th, 2012 by admin
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It has been a long time coming, and we will soon realise that you don’t have to be a superstar poker player to have a good game! Pokerknave is going to stream live card games from pubs via the Internet. We will show all types of card games from poker to brag, from nap to bridge. 

The difference is we will show your every day Joe’s and Joanna’s. Sometimes we will feature one of our Poker Totty’s, but on the whole it will be those who treat poker as a recreation and not a profession, although the standard of play can be quite high. 


Also on the horizon will be live streamed 8 ball pool matches. This will follow the format of English pool which is played by 2 million people in the UK alone. So keep checking us out and if you know of any venues from pubs to casino’s that may be interested let us know via the contact form.

Internet Security and Online Poker

Added on September 23rd, 2012 by admin
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Geek Hacking

The scary subject of internet security was shoved into my face this week and it is not a nice thing to have I tell you. All though everything was Ok in the end, it seems that ‘Joe Public’ will be attacked and hacked by all sorts of individuals and organisations who want to poke around your stuff and either steal it or destroy it. I suppose it is equivalent to a Friday night in Newcastle or Birmingham in which anti-social behaviour is routine.

This leads me onto another story of a online poker player having his account hacked after he clicked onto a link which then placed a trojan onto his computer and stole his password giving the hacker the ability to steal over $100,000! The method used was the double extension in which .jpg is followed by .exe. A lot of people see the ‘jpg’ bit and forget the ‘exe’, which then does the damage. 

It seems that online poker does get it regular hacking stories as tories get in trouble for sex scandals. Do you remember the Zynga hacking story in which a guy stole billions of Zynga money token which worth around $10,000,000+! The thing that surprised me was the ‘value’ put on a game without any real monetary objective except the chance to buy imaginary money.

I hate to refer  back to our US brothers and sisters but we online poker players really do need a US regulated market on board. Having the US on board will not stop hacking, but, it will help to regulate best practices and allow players to go to sites which will perform to higher standards, which mean better security for the players money. It is so easy to see stories of online poker firms disappearing with money from unsuspecting depositors.

Just look at what happened with ‘Hackgate’ and The LIBOR scandal all which was rooted out in the US first and thank god for that. I have in the past made fun out of the crazy politics and really childish behaviour exhibited by some high profile figures. However, having a written constitution which gives people the right to challenge authority and seek the truth via open debate is a great thing and the sooner they bring this standard of behaviour to online poker. I suppose the chance of a fully fledged federal law allowing online poker to properly exist in the US will have to wait until the election on November 6th, 2012. 

Licensed Venues Required

Examples of ideas for your pub.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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This is a unique opportunity for a venue owner/management who need to re-invigorate their venue at very minimum cost. A chance to attract customers and raise profile must not be missed.

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What Bots?

Added on October 20th, 2009 by pokerknave
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Is this your poker opponent?Is this your poker opponent?

There is a complaint going through California courts at the moment and part of the complaints is about alleged use of bots by Full Tilt Poker.

If this does turn out to be true then there will be big ramifications, since it implies that the online game is not legitimate and in fact could be nothing more than a online casino game.

This follows on the big case a while ago which concerned the illegal use of software to look at players hand and nearly led to meltdown of at least one company and recriminations that will never go away.

In the end it was an employee of AbsolutePoker which abused the system and stole the money but this is not good when millions of people are sending money to all sorts of businesses around the world.

There was also the case of UltimateBet where the company tried to cover up the fact that people were being ripped off.

As anyone with passing interest will internet poker knows the forums are full of conspiracy theories and the sooner the poker firms get their house in order the better it will be for everyone. I

n the end this situation will need more regulation of poker firms, not because we players do not trust poker firms but continuous doubt will be the downfall for online poker.

Obviously I will return to this issue again.

Watch this video as it show how the scam was done. The cheater could see the hole cards of his opponents thereby making his move at the best time possible.

Dikshit Law UK Style!

Added on October 20th, 2009 by pokerknave
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I hate to put all the dodgy officialdom at the door of Anurag Dikshit, but, his name in a Anglo-Saxon sense does lend its self to parody the establishment and the establishments confusion over poker and gambling.

We have had the original version of Dikshit Law US style, then Dikshit Law Danish style and now we have Dikshit Law UK style. The thing about the UK version was that it was more petty than serious and it happened when I was around and straight away I put on my legal eagle hat and laid into the civil servants like a crackhead into a pile of Colombian marching powder.

One thing I am good at and that is licensing law and gambling regulations within the licensing industry, and the poor souls whose job it was to bring aggravation to the nice people that run the poker club where I was did not know what hit them.

You see in UK law if a publican want to organise a poker tournament where there is prize money but no entry fee then that publican could have £1, £1,000 or £1,000,000 whatever! The problem comes about when there is an entry fee. These under briefed council workers were under the impression that poker the game was illegal.

In fact it is not illegal to have an entry fee as long as it does not exceed £100 in a public house or £250 in a social club. Having a tourney which has a rolling prize money such as a lottery roll over is frowned upon but no one is sure whether it is illegal or not and will depend on case law which the licensing authorities are very reluctant to prosecute. So there is a little grey area which has been exploited by a number of pub poker leagues.

However, I digress a little because the tourney in this particular pub was running, was more of a training event with a very small entry fee to keep the poker virgins interest (£5). At the same time there was a funeral and international football so the evening was packed and the beer was flowing.

Round about the time when the pub was closing two representatives from the council licensing officer came in and started to lay the law down about all sorts of very minor misdemeanours. The reason for this is that someone has been complaining to the licensing authorities with the attempt to get the establishment closed down – why because the local resident wants it closed down.

Now why would you buy a house in the vicinity of a vibrant public house? There is a reason why the property are cheaper than other comparable houses without a pub within walking distance, so you will get taxis peeping their horn (that sounds quite rude really), people smoking outside of the pub (smoking has been banned from indoor public area).

The head civil servant started to lay down the law about the licensee’s obligation; then said that poker was illegal! At this point I invited myself into the discourse and started to lay down the law and the moral obligation to do our best on behalf of the poker lovers. Head honcho was taken aback as her version of ‘official’ law was question and that has never been done before.

After full and frank discourse, it began to dawn on the couple that I must be right since a well known brewing company and a famous betting firm would not be sponsoring pub poker equipment if it were illegal. Obviously in these situations you cannot go too deep and metaphorically slam the opponents to the floor, jumping all over their bodies, as it could store up problems later on with other licensing issues and in the end the argument was a mistake on the law and not remotely comparable to the other Dikshit Law situations.

What it does signify is that there is still official perception that poker is about shady characters and dodgy practices as if the players were gambling miscreants who has well as being social misfits are the sort of people you should never invite into your house as bad things will happen if you do. The truth is that poker is psychological chess where the mind is manipulated and moulded by maths and subterfuge.

My theory is that law makers who have made anti poker laws or even created an anti poker climate have probably been a fish and were taken down easily by a person who was deemed to be off lower intelligence/social rank and therefore lower than the legislator and the legislator has never forgotten it, hence the anti poker feeling.

I am proud to have stood up for liberty in the face of tyranny and have won. best of all I got a drink out of it as well, slap officialdom and got drunk – win/win situation. Happy days!

To go off topic at the moment it has been put on me that I should organise a calender photo shoot for the Poker Tottys’. This sounds like a good idea and I will investigate and come back with an answer in the next day or so.

If you have any views on this subject then please drop me a line. In the meantime hear are a selection of previous Poker Totty’s for you to consider.

Poker Totty Sky after a winPoker Totty Sky
Poker Totty ChristinaPoker Totty Christina
Poker Totty Sally

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