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The Villan Beats The Magical Tipster

Added on March 16th, 2013 by admin
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The Villan Supports Aston Villa

The Villan Supports Aston Villa

Breaking News! After the usual banter and bluster The Villan scored his first victory over The Magical Tipster for a long time. But over all The Magical Tipster managed to keep his nose in front of his rival and the bookies with an overall profit from the meeting.

The Villan’s victory came on the last day when his Our Conner was a bigger price winner than MT’s At Fishers Cross. Since both tipsters gave Bobs Worth in the Gold Cup, The Villan won that particular day.

It was noted that The Villan had some very unfortunate luck and could have ended the meeting way in front if a few incidences went his way. Could this be the beginning of a comeback by The Villan?  

WSOP Final

Added on November 5th, 2009 by admin
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Antoine Saout

Antoine Saout

The big event on Saturday is set to start 12 noon (Pacific Time) and I have been given a surprise tip by Magical Tipser – it is Antoine Saout.

He is the 25 year old Frenchman who is the surprise package in this years final and subsequently he is a big price (18/1 on Betfair). As the rank outsider he is expected to be one of the first to be knocked out, however, do not be surprised if he stays in a lot longer than most people think.

Apparently he has been practicing very hard by playing in all sorts of tournaments and seems to have a lot of stamina which is needed for such competition.

James Akenhead – come into the calculations as another big price (15/1) but he is also short stacked and he too will need a miracle, but sometimes miracles do happen.

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