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Poker Imitating Life, Imitating Poker

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A mask

A mask

Poker as a game can relate to politics. With the Republicans crushing the Democrats in the 2014 mid terms, has created a situation in which the Republicans have a winning hand. The Republicans know it and the Democrats know it. However, there is the river card to come and do the Republicans make it too expensive to call their bet or do they get the Democrats out the game now and put their true beliefs on the table?

This is the same that happens in poker. Do you play the percentages or do you risk losing overall by trying to be clever? It is clear that the nation has a short attention span and it is also clear that they want simple solutions to complex issues don’t we all.

In the UK Cameron is now in a death game with the Eurosceptics of his own party. He want to stay in the European Union but the majority of his party do not. So to protect his position he has to tack to the right but now his so called allies such as Angela Merkel are saying that the UK cannot have want Cameron wants and the EU must start thinking of a EU without the UK. Basically she is calling David Cameron’s bluff over negotiations about the free movement of labour, or, immigration as it is commonly known.

A skilled politician is a skilled psychologist. Just like a skilled poker player is a player who knows the maths and the mind of his opponent. Luck comes into it i.e Crimea, Ebola and ISIS in the US. Scotland, UKIP and Europe in the UK. The rivals of the leaders need things to happen in the right way to gain advantage and so far the cards have fallen nicely for the opposition. 

The mask of the players are now fallen and their true nature becomes apparent. What do the masses do will be interesting. Popular right wing leadership now has it day to shine. The time to bluff has ended.

Royalty At Play

YouTube Preview Image

I blame the French revolution! In fact I blame the English Civil War as well.  If they didn’t cut off the heads of states head their would still be belief that royalty were representatives of god and had the ability to cure sick people because the royal families had ‘blue blood’.

When the world didn’t blow up after the problems of the subjects making a nuisance of themselves what is the point of royalty?

So the aristocracy created a new role which was real life reality TV celebrity, but with a difference they had a say in politics if only as a figure head. Fair enough. The only problem is that there are still some people who love the idea of being subjects and get upset when the royals are treated like celebrities. The reason why is that anyone can be a celebrity you do not need talent to be a celebrity. Likewise you do not need talent to be a royal. 

Hence the situation in which the Princess Srirasmi appears topless and the Duchess of Cambridge bottomless. This happens all the time in celebrityland but for some reason because they are royal this is bad taste…Viva La Revolución! I say.

Duchess of Cambridge Bottom

Duchess of Cambridge Derrière

P.S Princess Srirasmi has form when it comes to being topless at parties as Wikileaks put out sometime ago.

Watch thailand-crown-prince-dog-birthday.mpeg in Faith & Lifestyle  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Scotland And England Seperate

Alex Salmond - leader for Scottish independence.

Alex Salmond – leader for Scottish independence.

The nationalist are marching ahead. In Scotland this is the year in which Scotland has a choice to either stay in the UK or become an independent country. At the same time the UK will also decide on whether they should elect more UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) members of the European Union – UKIP want to leave the EU.

With all this machinations for divorce it is clear that people are no longer outward looking with a belief that we are citizens of the world. The present view is that any body different should be blocked and lets keep what is ours and not share anything with the world and the ‘others’.

The trouble is as we get more information it is easier to retreat back into the comfort of our upbringing which tend to be simpler and less complicated. Hence the rise of religion and nationalism. It is easy to have the ‘answers’ and reject alien cultures and beliefs.

Looking back to a time when things were simpler, people knew their place in life and answers were handed down without dissent. Now we live in a age where opinions can be summed up within 140 characters and spread globally. Time is a finite resource and competition for attention is more competitive than ever before. 

Hence, those with assets and a modicum of intelligence can garner a bigger share of the ‘noise’ than those without assets and a lot of intelligence. Why have intelligence when you can shout and be heard because you can ‘buy’ the audience? If you have intelligence and assets, the world is yours to take.

For example, would you rather listen to Kate Middleton or The Duchess of Cambridge? Is Imran Khan’s  – the taxi driver view on religion any better than Imran Khan the cricketer? So the problem we have in a atomised world in which collective conciousness can be brought and sold quickly, it is not surprising that things which gave us comfort, are looming larger in our view of life.

Therefore it is easier to get surrogates to propagate a view by paying them. Hence, the view that the alien is wrong and you are right because the collective conciousness reinforce this view by taking up all the time for spreading information by being the most perpetuated.

At the moment Alex Salmond as leader of Scotland wants to debate the merits of independence with David Cameron the leader of the UK. David Cameron refuses to debate because he knows the emotional reaction to person who is alien to the population of Scotland would be too damaging and may lead to a growing support for independence from the UK.

David Cameron may have some good points on why Scotland should stay in the UK but he would engender so much hatred because of what he stands for, hence, he has to use surrogates to argue his views for him.

Ban Ki Moon is the paid surrogate for the consensus that came about after the Second World War. However, that consensus is breaking down as the hypocrisy of the leaders become easy to view and understand. Welfare is now seen as a dirty word, human rights is considered a crime, science is considered an enemy and education a luxury. The paid surrogates of the plutocrats who believe they are divorced from society and see no need to suck up to the masses are now creating the ‘noise’ of selfishness and denying opportunities to the ‘other’.

Why give opportunities to those who do not share your view on life or are not willing to bow down to your natural superiority? 

How do you defend education, a fair income, the right to a decent life and democracy? It is clear that the robber barons, gangsters, plutocrats and their servants are not going to give it up voluntary – why should they? Things have been going their way for the last 35 years and it isn’t going to end soon. Monitoring dissent has never been easier making it simple to take out contrary views. The rise of radical plutocracy has never been as great or dangerous as it is now.

Floods In The ‘Flats’

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Somerset Floods

Somerset Floods

Being and island has it’s advantages. Protection from invading armies, rabies, dangerous animals etc. It should also be quite clear that water is a major part of life.

However, when you exist on the outer regions of the metropolis there is a tendency of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Also, being part of a culture in which you keep ‘yourself to yourself’ and ‘an English home is his castle’, there is a thought that collectivism belongs to those metrosexual types in the big cities. Hence a tendency to have private educated, liberal posh types in charge of the politics of the region. 

The problem being that when radicalism is needed it tends to be ugly and regionalistic almost xenophobic which can put people off. So, we witness the fiasco of nearly a month of flooding in the South West of the UK. Farms, villages and hamlets have been under water for almost a 6 weeks and it does not seem to be clearing soon. Instead of raging to those who are in charge, there seem to be attacking those who say this is due to government cutbacks and global warming the sort of ideas that the victims usually hate. 

They also bring up the idea that overseas aid should be used to sort out the problems at home. They completely forget that this is fifth or sixth richest country in the World and the member of parliament for the region are in government. If there were more antagonistic opposition such as in Scotland and the North of England then things would never gone this far.

So what should be done, well convert the Conservatives to UKIP and the Liberal Democrats to Labour and watch how arguments progress in Parliament.


There Will Be No War In Syria

Syrian map


Here is a prediction, there will be no war in Syria which will involve British troops! The government does not have the stomach for conflict and the nation could not be bothered to drop bombs on Damascus.

It is not that the country is not bothered by potential weapons of mass destruction being used on unarmed citizens. Or that the people do not care about the growing refugee problem. What the people do not want is a war with Syria and her allies, and, the possibility that we will be on the same side as Al Qaeda and the other Islamic death cults which seem to be running the opposition.

The moment for me was when a guy cut open a dead soldier and decided to eat the dead soldiers heart. An image speak a thousand words and that was enough for me. Keep Assad and his slightly secular dictatorship instead of a bunch of religious nut cases who talk to supreme beings and worship death more than life. 

David Cameron has the taste of war and is looking to have a war just before the election so he can claim to be a war leader and cruise to victory as someone from his class is entitle too. Therefore he will get into bed with Osama Bin Ladens’ heirs and damn the consequences. The Saudi Arabian Wahhabi leaders would love to see a theocracy in Syria to help deal with Iran and ‘the Persian bomb’ as leaked out in the Wikileaks. But, in my humble opinion Saudi Arabia has done enough damage with their petro-dollars and need to start supporting non-religious organisations such as the United Nations etc.

Poor old Ban ki Moon having to deal with all these mad lunatics obsessed with power and religion. He channels John Lennon and Yoko Ono by asking the US vast military industrial complex and the theocratic terrorist to come to their senses and give peace a chance, with not much hope of either having the gumption or the humanity to stop killing people for profit. Why should they stop killing people who are the lower order? I bet if the leaders and their hanger ons were being killed there would be a way of stopping the wars and the religious fantasy.

So there you have it. Assad will remain in power. Iran, Russia and China have seen down USA and her allies and the Islamic death cult will head to Africa to create more mayhem and death until they start to upset mineral and oil production at which point the West and possibly China may get involved to stop it.

YouTube Preview Image

Strip Poker Trouble pt 2

Strip Poker Trouble pt2

YouTube Preview Image

Lyra is not impressed with yours truly Jack Reynard response to the news of her pregnancy with me being the daddy. Lyra is now talking of telling her father known as ‘Big Daddy’. What should I do as editor of http://pokerknave.com? Clearly I dispute the parentage of the baby and clearly I do not want to get into a confrontation with Big Daddy.

She wants payment made to payforyourbaby@outlook.com. Will I pay up as it would save a lot of unnecessary grief. I am not the daddy and I dont want to be the daddy but giving her a few quid will save a lot of hassle. Watch this space?

Kid Creole & The Coconuts ~ Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy

YouTube Preview Image


Strip Poker Trouble

The So Called Strip Poker Trouble Video

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently this is the incrimination video which proves that your’s truly is the father to this ladies baby, who was conceived after a game of strip poker? Well all I can say is that I never met the lady before in my life. Yes, I go to the Staffordshire Knot when I am in the West Midlands, and, yes I sometimes play poker, but I have never met this lady before.

As for giving her child maintenance well she will have to whistle in the wind. Let this be a lesson to you, if you play strip poker be sure to have a packet or two of contraceptives just in case of any situations.

Lyra seems like a lovely lady, but, I am not the daddy and I do not want to be the daddy. I am enjoying my life as it is and I do not want to swap a full house for a full nappy. Thank you for the offer but no thank you.

Well I will not stop gambling and converting my money to support this young lady and her child. In fact I will be having a few quid on Imperial Commander in the Grand National at Aintree, just to prove a point. I will probably also have a few quid on The Magical Tipster’s selection even though he has been the biggest gossip concerning the strip poker situation. He has been in form lately and it is all about winning. 


Imperial Commander

Imperial Commander



Women And Online Poker

Poker Totty Danielle A-B the card player

Poker Totty Danielle A-B the card player

Once again online poker is seen as the ruination of women and the further continuation of the fall of civilisation. In a report written by Liz Karter, who is apparently the UK’s most eminent addiction specialist, said that women are becoming more addicted to online gambling specifically poker than drink!

The report gives reason for this as women do not like hangovers and other associated side effects that they do not get with online poker. OK it is a reasoned argument that since the National Lottery became ubiquitous that women are likely to have a flutter but I would argue it is more online bingo than poker which has got the women hooked.

I find it very hard to see how online poker is the cause but I can easily believe that online bingo and casino which seems to be clearly marketed to women would be more addictive. With online bingo you basically place your money and wait to see if your ticket gets pulled out. It is no more that a raffle. 

The adverts on TV are heavily aimed at women. Whereas online poker is heavily aimed at men. In online poker there is a heavy skill biased process, unlike online bingo and as with anything you have to follow the money. Now if online bingo was not aimed primarily at women there would not be names such as Foxy Bingo or Cheeky Bingo or even one called Maria. These are not aimed at men. 

So Liz Karter maybe right that online gambling in the form of online bingo is becoming a choose of addiction for women but it is not online poker and the distinction should be more clearly marked. In fact if women do need to have a way of escaping the rigours of work, home life, relationship nurturing and family raising I would argue that online poker would be a better bet than online bingo which I have stated above no more engaging than raffles. 

What would be good for a lot of recreational online poker players would be anonymous poker where the chance of being manipulated by bots and other nefarious machines would be minimise and lead to recreational players more chances of getting lucky.

In fact I would go further and say that poker rooms that assigned random names to players so that the machines do  not get a handle on the players and build a database on their patterns of playing would be a good idea. OK after a while some bright spark may develop a bot which could take into account random online players name and associate them with actual players, but, it would take time to do. In the meantime online poker players both men and women would have a chance to play without being squeezed like a orange by these awful bots.


The Russians Are Coming!

Boris Berezovsky

Boris Berezovsky


The Russians are all over the news in the UK! They are at the heart of Germany’s beef with Cyprus. The Germans are claiming that the Cypriot banks are nothing more than clearing houses for Russian criminal gangs, therefore the Cypriot government should not get a bail out so that the money stashed by Russian Mafia is not penalised. Angela Merkel has made it clear that the savers of the banks must pay a tax so as to get the bail out money. This would mean that all the Russian savings would be taxed, probably for the first time ever. The only problem is that the ordinary people of Cyprus are becoming collateral damage in this dispute. 

Then there is the case of Boris Berezovsky who has died after a interview in which he berated the Putin government, old allies and his own misfortune. Mr Berezovskywas once a mover and shaker in post-communist Russia, but fell out of favour and seeked sanctuary in the UK. Along with the Alexander Litvinenko ( who he was accused of killing, but, successfully sued that he didn’t), he became a vocal dissenter against the Russian regime under Vladimir Putin. 

Alexander Litvinenko died by nuclear poisoning and now Boris Berezovsky has demised while apparently taking a bath. 

The police in the UK are now doing all sorts of test to see how he died, but even if it is foul play it is hard to see what the UK government can do. If they cannot do anything about Alexander Litvinenko what can they do about Boris Berezovsky?

With all this kicking off all over the place. Some voices in Russia are now saying that the EU and their allies should be penalised with the price of gas and oil being increased to stop the attack on Russian savings and reputation. This is becoming a new Cold War but instead of using soldiers they are using banking, finance and natural resources. 

Bring back Marx, Lenin, Gorbachev and get rid of the oligarchs and bankers.


Just Missing Out

George Osborne

I was once in a game of pub poker when in my very first hand I was in the big blind and I was dealt with a pair of 7’s. There was a small raise, I called and the flop produced 7,7 and a king. Happy days!

There were 4 people in the hand and the person who raised went all in, I called leaving me all in but I was happy. We turn over. A pair of kings for my opponent. The turn produces  a 3, and inevitably the king on the river appeared destroying my hand and kicking me out of the tournament. 

Well yesterday showed two such moments: George Osborne missing his economic targets and a person who purchased a lottery ticket in Hertfordshire missing out on £64 million winnings.

I bet you there were loads of people who put in a claim for having lost the winning ticket. Apparently, you do not have to have a physical winning ticket to claim the winnings. Sometimes you can pick up the money by telling Camelot t- the lottery owner ,, where and when you brought the ticket. However, possession of the ticket will almost always be the most important criteria.

Anyway, no one has picked up the winning and it goes to ‘good causes’, whatever that means.

With George Osborne, he apparently won the debate about him not reaching his economic target when the opposition did not give him a kicking. Well sometimes you let your opponent do the running. I was more than happy to play my hand ‘wrong’. I am getting great odds on him not hitting his king. Leaving George Osborne as chancellor is a good bet that he will be unpopular in 2 years time and may even get worst.

Will people feel happy, no! Will they blame the chancellor, yes! 

The Chancellor can and will blame the previous government, but it probably wont help because no one supports or like George Osborne. Most people can dislike someone and respect the job they are doing. But, if the dislike and think what you’re doing is a joke then you have a problem.

The only way he could have won people over was hitting his target or coming close that people would say ”….well he was not far wrong was he….?

Plus ,he is not seen as fair, which as has been recently proved in the USA elections 2012, is not quite a winning strategy  So George Osborne will always be open to the charge as not nice and very dim, ouch! Can Cameron win the next general election with George Osborne as a ‘human shield’ against doubts of his own leadership? This is a difficult question to answer, but it is clear that this is David Cameron’s tactic.

If David Cameron win the next election then he would truly have done well. The Liberal Democrats – the partners in government, are truly dead in the water with no direction or means for survival. They will give it a go but I cannot see how the Liberal Democrats can persuade enough people that they are worth supporting. The Liberal Democrats look to be drawing dead!



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