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Magical Tipster Off To A Flyer

The Magical Tipster

Well Cheltenham has come and The Magical Tipster has started where he left off last year with another winning day. 3 winner out of 6 with prices of 5/1, 8/15 and 16/1 making a grand total of £18.50 in profit! This wil make the rest of the week a risk free betting with profits already locked in.

We at pokerknave.com wish that a Cheltenham Festival happened every week, life would be really easy. Even the Villan had a not so bad day getting 2 winners which mean between the two old rivals they had 5 winners out of 6.

The only person who did not make the markwas new boy on the block Gizmo who only managed a second. But his method of picking winners is a bit suspect and he will fluke a winner quite soon.


Bank Holiday Means Rain

Helping Out A Cheerleader

This Bank Holiday do not get a barbecue as the weather looks like it is going to pour down and the chill factor is going to be unbearable.

Typical of this spring in the UK that the weather is shall we say ‘mixed’.

When foreigners say that the British are obsessed with the weather, they are basically correct. The British are still buttoned up and reserved. Talking about the weather is a way of starting a conversation with a stranger and it is a way of breaking up a lull in normal social intercourse.

Therefore the best thing to do is to play some online poker and crack open a couple of beers. If you like to dabble on the horses well you can do worst than checking out the renewed battle between Villan and The Magical Tipster. 

Yesterday both tipsters backed two winners. Both picked Noble Mission, but although Villan picked Camelot (15/8), The Magical Tipster picked Rewarded (100/30) in the last race. Surprisingly, Villan did not have a pick in the last race…! In a spirit of cheekiness The Magical Tipster has waived the win and now looking to impress with his tips to blow away the upstart Villan. This should be good.

The Magical Tipster:

2:05 Bridle Belle

2:35 Timepiece

3:15 Mashoora

3:50 Waffle

4:25 Mysterial

5:00 Salford Art

5:35 Jupiter Storm


2:05 Franciscan

2:35 Timepiece

3:15 Maybe

3:50 Victorian Bounty

4:25 Goldhunter

5:00 Lacily

5:35 Good Of Luck

Villan Takes Down The Magical Tipster

Aston Villa

Aston Villa

 New kid on the block made a move on a reluctant Magical Tipster and took the old man down. Villan a renegade sports trader goaded The Magical Tipster into another tipster challenge. At first The Magical Tipster was not entirely au fait with the challenge because preparation was not down and being the fag end of a very interesting but controversial national hunt season results tend to be hard to find. 

However, after much persuassion by the editorial board (we loved the winners that we have had this year) The Magical Tipster took up the challenge and produced a list of potential winners. The fact that non of his choices won while Villan managed to find two winners at nice prices (Merigo 15/2, Cucumber Run 10/1) clearly showed that Villan was right in goading The Magical Tipster. Maybe Villan had some inside information on one horse in particular which gave him the confidence to make a very adventurous choice in Cucumber Run….who knows clearly Villan won’t be telling.

The Magical Tips did cry foul for a while because he was forced to choose two and not his regular three in a big handicap such as The Scottish Grand National. The Magical Tipster choose not to include Merigo in his selection and went for Any Currency, obviously a very bad move as Merigo showed his class to win the race for the second year running. This dispute was put to rest when Cucumber Run ran on strongly to win it’s race.

There will be more challenges to come and it is safe to say that the punters will be glad as between them there have been some great winners at fantastic prices. 

While following the swings and roundabouts of horse race betting it was over looked that there has been some unfortunate anniversary to be celebrated if that is the word. It was roughly this time last year that Black Friday happened shaking the world of poker to its foundations. It made poker players in the US into reluctant criminals for doing what there country stands for….capitalism and the right to do whatever you want including giving your money away to online poker bots. 

I jest up to a point since if the US government made online poker legal it would change the way the game is played and knowing how thoroughly regulators in the US operate, would increase the safety and integrity of online poker. I will come back to this issue for a full and well rounded punters view of Black Friday and it’s implications. 

Bert Weedon Dies And Villan Comes For Seconds

Added on April 21st, 2012 by admin
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Bert Weedon

Bert Weedon - Photo by Cliff Ballinger

The man who helped introduce Rock and Roll into the UK and wrote a book that launched a thousand guitarist died yesterday.

Bert Weedon – East End cockney rebel studio musician died at the age of 91. He has been credited for creating the sound that made Bristish rock musician extremely popular in the world from people such as Paul MaCartney to Eric Clapton from Adam Faith to Noel Gallagher have all been influenced by his teaching method and studio skills.

His self help book ‘Play in a Day’ was first published in 1957, went on to sell more than 2 million copies and although most people could not play in a day. It did lead to a lot of famous guitarist to take up the instrument.

Although famous for being a session musician and tutor he also had several hit album which included Rockin’ at the Roundhouse (1970) and 22 Golden Guitar Greats (1976), a No 1 that sold more than 1m copies. 

He leaves 2 wives , 2 children and several grand children and great grand children.


After the recent battering that the challengers took in the tipping contest between The Magical Tipster versus Villan, Satanic Bear etc. It was surprising that Villan wanted another bite of the cherry. So MT after much persuasion has taken up the challenge for the last big horse race meeting of the National Hunt calender – The Scottish Grand National meeting at Ayr.

Here are the Villan tips.

1.40 Bene Lad

2.15 Pure Faith

2.50 Edgardo Sol

3.25 Merigo, Fruity O’Rooney

4.00 Cucumber Run

4.35 Kings Grey

5.10 Red Harbour

5.45 Green Flag

Here are The Magical Tipsters tips for the competition

 13:40 – Pete

14:15 – Pure Faith

14:50 – Edgardo Sol

15:25 – Benny Be Good, Any Currency

16:00 – Cockney Trucker

16:35 – Gansey

17:10 – No loose Change

17:45 – Duke Of Navan

After deliberation from the judges Magical Tipster was estricted to only 2 choices in the Scottish Grand National race as is Villan.

A Weekend Of Strange Things

Neil Heywood

Neil Heywood

The big news from the East is the story of the businessman Neil Heywood dying and the arrest of Gu Kailai wife of  Bo Xilai, a major player in the politics of China, for possible murder! It is proposed that Mr Heywood was killed by cyanide poison and that there was an attempt to hush up the death and get rid of the evidence. The fact that it is now public knowledge apparently a sign that there is a major political struggle going on inside the Communist Party and Neil Heywood was a pawn in this battle. As a Chinese proverb state ‘….we live in interesting times….’!

The Grand National was its usual dramatic event with no very public disruption by animal rights campaigners, but enough images to keep the argument going for  a long time. The death of Synchronised the recent Cheltenham Gold Cup winner is the most  poignant scene that accompanied the race. Can the race be made any safer to protect the horses? I doubt it very much without changing the horse race completely or even ending the race.

On the tipping front it was clear that a draw in the tipping challenge between Satanic Bear v Villan v The Magical Tipster over the Grand National race. MT came closest to wining when Planet Of Sound finished 12th. Apart from that, it was a complete washout, although The Magical Tipster managed to pick out a treble (Simonsig 4/9, Sprinter Sacre 1/7 and The New One 8/1) to follow up on his four timer the previous day. 

Mean while I am in the middle of a debate on if you could hustle a guy by chucking away the absolute nuts so that you could sucker a player to make the wrong decision? Basically to win a big prize during a game of brag, a hypothetical player threw away 3 threes’ to gain a advantage so that he could win big. In my view this would not make any sense in any situation and I cannot see why my friend keeps on banging on about it.  No one in their right mind would throw away absolute premium hands to gain favour or tactical advantage. It makes no sense what so ever. 

Obviously we had a cash game straight after this conversation and I won his money. Nuf Sed…!

Finally, to go back to the world of politics Mitt Romney is the challenger to Barack Obama, although I have had a little tickle on Sarah Palin doing a dramatic gesture and decide to go for the position of nominee if Mitt Romney does not get the required number. It is a suicide long shot, but there is hope when Roger Ailes from the Fox News/GOP politbureau slagged off Sarah Palin as not being in any position to be President. Sarah Palin is not going to like this and I can see fireworks exploding. I do hope Sarah Palin justifies my 700/1+ punt.


The Magical Tipster Is NOT Being Tag Teamed

Added on April 13th, 2012 by admin
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Cape Tribulation


News has just got to me that Villan is not in league with Satanic Bear as he does not need help in picking losers. 

As for Satanic Bear he was more philosophical claiming that ”….too many hands spoil the broth….” and ”….it will be a pleasure to take down two tipsters in their own backyard….”!

However, on the first day of the Grand National meeting. Villan edged into the lead by providing 2 winners and MT had only one, the ever reliable Big Buck’s. They both picked Big Buck’s but Villan came good with Menorah at 3/1.

This is not good and reports from the MT supporters is that he is gutted and in turmoil over the sudden lack of form.

This is not all bad news as Sligo Tom managed to weigh in with a nice few winners (Big Buck’s – 2/9, Grumeti – 11/4, Cloudy Lane – 4/1 and Cape Tribulation 14/1) giving him a nice little 342/1 four timer.

Here are Villan tips for today:

2.00 Darlan

2.30 Silviniaco Conti

3.05 Albertas Run

3.40 Triangular

4.14 Fingal Bay

4.50 It’s A Gimme

5.25 Ginger Fizz




The Magical Tipster Smashes The Opposition

Love Is In The Air For The Magical Tipster

Love Is In The Air For The Magical Tipster

The legend that is The Magical Tipster had been damaged after 2010 World Cup competition in South Africa. There was open talk that he had lost his way and the ability to see things that others had missed or the markets had got wrong, had been loosen by some rash decisions such as laying Spain.  

Well all that has been washed away by a tidal wave of monster betting punts with prices which took the bookies by surprise and made his loyal punters extremely happy and more than looking forward to 2012. Who would have thought that The Magical Tipster would re-vitalise his winning ways in such spectacular fashion?

2012 had began very badly, a whole ream of work had disappeared by the in-excusable unprofessional behaviour of a coder who got their knickers in a twist which led to the lose of two years of data and put the pokerknave.com project back. Throughout this time the only thing that looked positive on the horizon was that the world of betting would have some great markets to invest in with the Olympics and Euro football all in the pipeline.

Then out of the blue came Monkey Bet! Monkey Bet is an interesting concept and made a challenge to The Magical Tipster to see if Monkey Bet could supplant The Magical Tipster as the numero uno tipster on pokerknave.com. Very audacious and well timed coup. 

The Monkey Bet started out brilliantly when he got the winner of Celebrity Big Brother right and at some really fancy prices to boot. Reality TV was always a forte of The Magical Tipster so this move by Monkey Bet was a real shot across the bows. Some of his other bets were a bit ropey, but then came Cheltenham Festival 2012 where the real fun would start.

On top of this challenge came another one from a newby called ‘Villan’. Villan made his claim to be the top boy on the pokerknave.com network and came with some good credentials so there were two challenges for the crown. 

The pressure was on and The Magical Tipster did his thing.

Rock On Ruby 11/1 on Tuesday

Nothing on Wednesday

Cape Tribulation 14/1 and Big Bucks 5/6 on Thursday

Brindisi Breeze 7/1, Attaglance 20/1 and Bellvano 20/1 on Friday.

Those prices on Friday created a 3527/1 treble which sealed the competition emphatically in favour of The Magical Tipster. A £10 on each selection made by The Magical Tipster, would have cost £290, but, would have brought in £770 making it a 265% return on investment. 

It is safe to say with those results that the The Magical Tipster has retained his crown…for now!


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