Lucky Bankers

With a Mr Madoff making off with $50 bn it rounded of a year when the bankers nearly brought down the entirely economic system. Some may say it is possibly a good thing and that it will lead to global revolution and the overthrowing of the established order with a new workers/religious/moral/racial (delete where applicable) order. Some say that all the politicians were sleeping when they should have been regulating the banker’s massive gambles.

Well all I can say is overthrowing the established order will not be easy and probably very messy and to the second point what gamble was that then? If the bankers were having a gamble well fair play to them because it doesn’t seem like a gamble to me. How can it have been a gamble when all those that did it are still working and getting bonuses?

To me a gamble is when you put all your chips into the pot in the hope of an inside straight draw knowing that if you lose you cant pay for the kids holiday to Italy. Not investing in some mad cap scheme which no one knew anything about or were allowed to verify and when it failed the government then bails them out on the promise that 30 years from now the tax payers then will pick up the bill.

That in my books is called having your cake and eating it and who can blame them for doing just that. I have heard these bankers called *ssholes, b*stards, c*nts and wh*res, I call them bookies. Basically the took from Peter and gave it to Paul making sure to take 2% commission on the way, then took from Paul and gave to Peter taking another 2% commission. They kept on doing this and spending the money on lap dancing clubs, holidays to Bali and rubbish ‘art’ work from Damien Hirst. All the time saying do not look at what we are doing because you will strangle free trade – absolute class!

When I went for my inside straight draw I sucked out and had to leave the tournament to the ridicule of all my fellow players. That to me is gambling like an idiot not only did I lose I was humiliated as a complete moron who deserved everything I got which was nothing. That to me is gambling, when these bankers sucked out all they said if you don’t give me more money I will scream and scream and scream until I am sick and the governments said ok here you are now go and spend it wisely this time. Something tells me I made a mistake in my life somewhere….