10 Reasons to hate Xmas…

Underneath the mask lies the truth behind Christmas

Underneath the mask lies the truth behind Christmas

1. Jesus wasn’t born on 25th of December, 2008 years ago.

2. Santa Claus is a lie that we use to break our childrens trust in adults.

3. Christmas is a marketing exercise to mess peoples bank balances.

4. Shopping is a hassle with agressive old people and troublesome toddlers.

5. All the presenters and entertainers are always smiling that cheesy grin which says ”I cant believe you mugs are buying this load of nonsense”.

6. There is always a big major family row.

7. The mass genocidal killing of poor turkeys is beyond the pale.

8. We have to listen to that incredible crass lyric ”…and there wont be snow in Africa…”! No sh*t Sherlock!

9. All the soap operas will have some dramatic death/divorce/wedding/disaster/birth on exactly Xmas day.

10. Being dragged to a cold church to listen to whiney, screachy children singing Silent Night – again!