Daily Digest #18

Jack Reynard has prices on The Maisie Juvenile Stakes (£500,000 to the winner) which is sponsored by the UK press and media:

Richard Goodsell Evens (fav)
Tyler Barker 6/4,
Alfie Patten 7/4,
3/1 Bar the field,

Although Alfie Patten is 3rd favourite we at pokerknave.com want him to win as he is the least money grabbing of the lot and its his mom and dad who are trying to screw as much out of it as possible.

Also in the Daily Digest we send out an appeal for Pete Drummond and hope that Patricia Newman gets the book chucked at he – the dirty cow!

This has been a short edition because at long last the Poker Knave is winning on the poker tables and he is a bit busy skanking some money of a bunch of loose fish – happy days!

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