Daily Digest #20

http://pokerknave.com talks about actress, model and poker professional Christina Lindley. The latest twist and turns about the Alfie Patten and the ‘Who Is The Daddy’ Juvenile Stakes betting market with his price now going out to 3/1 and his brother Joe being a springer in the market and now Even money favourite.

The Maisie Whos The Daddy Juvenile (Winner gets £500,000).

Revised Price

Joe Patten Evens (fav)
Richard Goodsell 2/1
Tyler Barker 2/1,
Alfie Patten 3/1,
4/1 Bar the field,

further updates at http://tips.pokerknave.com/

Congratulations to Duffy who out preformed Coldplay in the Brits and saved us from endless whinging music from the bed wetters.

And finally, a challenge that Jade Goody will have a miracle cure and will rebound as a born again celebrity and go on to make loads of more spondoolies.

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