Metaphysical Poker

Talking to a fellow poker player I have decided that in future I am going to try and use mind over matter to help me win more games!!?

Some may say that is just madness and trying to use ‘witchcraft’ to determine the fate of a persons cards is just lunacy. However, I would like you to hear me out.

When you go all in and you are in the lead, you have basically put your fate into the hands of the betting gods with mathematics being the ultimate judge. so why not try and put a bit more pressure on those gods to help influence the outcome in your favour? Conversely if you are behind why not say a little prayer and make peace with karma and hope that the betting gods are on your side and produce the result that you want?

Doing this, especially in all in situation gives you the sense that you are somehow having some effect on the cards and when it comes in you can take great pride that your gaming life has been extended and if you fail you have the get out clause that the opponent just prayed a little harder,

I know deep down that I am clutching at straws but in the end it dosen’t hurt to do this and in the end isn’t that what all religions are all about? Remember Pascal’s Gamble…