Poker Totty Natalie Goes Swimming

Poker Totty Natalie

Poker Totty Natalie

Poker Totty Natalie Edge Edwards decided it was time to do a swim wear shoot for her many fans to help remind them that it is still summer in the UK and not the monsoon season in some far away place. To be frank I think the world needs a break from Swine Flu, Quantitative Easing and MP’s expenses. So here is Poker Totty Natalie looking hot even though the weather is far from hot.

What have you been doing lately?
For the last week I have been looking after a very poorly little boy. I thought he had Meningitis last Friday which was so scary. Other than that I’ve been busy with a family wedding and of course the swimming pool & Jacuzzi shoot.

That must have been a worrying time with a meningitis scare on top of the swine flu stuff?
Yes it was very worrying; I actually ran to the doctors with my son in my arms and was seen straight away. I was so relieved when the doctor said it was just summer flu, being a parent is so worrying.

Why did the swimming pool and Jacuzzi shoot work so well?
I feel the swimming pool and jacuzzi shoot worked so well because it wasn’t your typical shoot. The shoot wasn’t in a studio with boring black and white walls, this was on location and I think I suit swimwear very well.

Poker Totty Natalie looking cool

Poker Totty Natalie looking cool

Have you been practicing your poker play?
I really haven’t had time to turn around but I hope to sit down one night and just concentrate on learning it.

You really do have to get your game sorted?
Really do have to get my name sorted?? Ah because I’m meant to be archetypal Poker Totty? Well I am just that, I just need to learn the game.

As the ‘archetypal Poker Totty’ maybe you should go to and take some free lessons on the game?
I do need free lessons; I’ll check coolhandpoker’s site out this weekend.

How has your family been reacting to your career?
My family have been very supportive. As you can imagine my parents only like to see my fashion/commercial picks and are very proud of the picks of me modelling the Ripani handbags. My husband has been very supportive from day 1 and Lennon loves coming on shoots too. My husband is my chauffeur.

What was your reaction to the Michael Jackson death?
I was in absolute shock. It was definitely one of those “where were you when you found out” moments, I was looking at the web pages in disbelief

What are your future plans?
To take a holiday very soon hopefully to Monaco, I love that place and I hope to be featured in Flirt Magazine too.

Flirt magazine feature tell us more?
Flirt magazine is a brilliant free online lad’s mag that features all the sexiest models around so I’m hopefully going to do a shoot sometime later this year with 2 of the photographers whose work is frequently published in the magazine.

We really need to do a video shoot soon?
A video shoot sounds like fun; let me know the venue and we’ll get it sorted.

Poker Totty Natalie trying to get some of the sun