Bad Weekend for Poker and other betting escapades.

Serena Williams shouting at line judge

Serena Williams shouting at line judge

Could not win a bet last weekend first Barney McGrew lost spectacularly, then Mourayan the big tip from Ireland became a big flop when the jockey decided it had a acceleration of a Ferrari, Birmingham City to win 1 – 0 became Aston Villa winning 1 – o, a saver on Everon to win at Fulham started out well with Everton scoring the first goal but then ended with Fulham coming back and winning 2 – 1,and finally, the bet on Serena Willams going down to dodgy fault calls and abuse leading to a another fault and leading to the match being awarded to Kim Clijsters.

Usually I like strange betting angles to give a person an edge and if I didn’t just jump on Serena because her sister got knocked out and taken a closer look at  Kim Clijsters previous form (winner and runner up) I might have had a saver on her.

This finally led to a really poor game I played online which made me lose £56 to a complete donk who managed to get trip 9’s when I had a a pair of 10’s. this what happens in 10/20 cent games I suppose but it still hurts. By the time I logged off and went for a drink I just knew this was a weekend from hell and there is nothing I can do about it.

Anyway here is the video of the the incident that capped my weekend spectacularly.

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