Covering Up A Mistake



I was once in a very loose game which my opponents were determined to destroy yours truly. The problem was I was more than happy to go toe to toe with these guys because I had too much to drink and I was flushed with money.

The problem being that trying to keep my cool and not give away too many leaks I kept a very hard poker face refusing to get involved in the banter which angered my opponents and made them even more aggressive.

The killer hand for me was when I nonchalantly looked at my two hole cards and I mistook Ace-4 off suit for a pair of Aces. My opponent had pair of Kings and Queens respectively. Now after two successive re-raise the play is to get out of the way, however, I went all in and got called by both opponents. When I turned over my hand I nearly died – Mr Pair of Kings was more than happy.

But just as I resigned myself for humiliation two fours came on the flop with an 8, then turn showed a jack and the river a 2. Of course I argued that the percentages was always in my favour and that they should not have called my bet. Happy Days indeed!

After some grumbles of poor play, donkfest and possible fiddling (luckily I weren’t the dealer) I took my money and walked out still keeping my poker face as if nothing untoward had happen. When I was outside boy did I laugh and went for another drink or 5.

To emphasise the point of keeping a straight face when you have dropped a boo boo watch this video of anchorman Ernie Anastos and weather man Nick Gregory who continue to talk as if nothing happened when he told Nick Gregory to ‘keep fucking that chicken’. It must be some New York thing I guess…

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