Things To Do When Bored With Poker #3

I am not one to complain (stop laughing at the back), so all I will say that when you say you will do something, shake hands on it (or the equivalent sign of honour and trust worthiness)  it is important to stick to it as it is what stops us from being country and western music fans. Only joking about country and western music but would the country and western song writers please lighten up!!!!!

So in the time honoured tradition of if you have been shafted and hassled, find someone more lamentable than yourself and watch as they make you feel better, there are alqays people who are greater idiot than yourself.

This video is a brilliant piece of intelligent people who think passing exams makes them witty. Having a laugh at yourself is an admirable quality, making a damn fool of yourself is unforgivable.

The video is supposed to be a tribute to Michael Jackson and The jackson brothers. It is so awful it is funny and will definitely distract you from the pocket ace’s that just got busted.

The doctors who thought this up must have went out with the intention to be funny but end up looking like fruit cakes. Is it racism? Probably not but would you want to be treated by these doctors? Nah exactly. Hey Hey What A Corker