Poker E.S.P

Rhine Institute ESP testing

Rhine Institute ESP testing

Call me crazy, deluded and out of my depths, but, the more I play online poker the more I believe that extra sensory perception exist.

While playing online, I have had moments of absolute clarity about an opponents hand that I actually felt I could see their cards. Yes I was and still am sober, and, yes I have not just escaped from the funny farm. Why am I having these feelings?

The obvious answer is that I just got used to a players style and basically ‘read’ their moves by remembering what they did before and how long they took to make a decision. But that is not all I have played the system and used the clock to make decisions knowing that other players were working on the same assumptions. Now if I do that what is stopping players also doing the same thing? No there is something more to understanding persons playing motivation and habits.

in live games I believe that E.S.P is also at play, however, in this anti-religious world and secular pragmatism it is easier to say that you have a ‘read’ or ‘tell’ on someone. With online that ‘read’ and ‘tell’ is so small it is negliable. So how can you constantly win against sensible people who are not mugs and are not on full tilt?

Serious scientist and thinkers all over the world have believed in ESP and some have done serious studies into the subject. In fact nations have tried to harness ESP as part of the war machine. However, as far as we know there has never been a definitive paper on this subject and there have been an awful lot of spivs to do irreparable damage to the topic. Still I think this area is true, I have experienced it and I believe that you can go into a ‘zone’ and know what your opponent has and whether you have them beat.

Would I bet my live on it? Probably not unless I was absolutely cornered and had no rational way out. Would I bet my poker bank on it, probably yes. Right now I can imagine loads of online poker players jumping up and down in hysterics saying ”…the PokerKnave thinks he can read minds…” and wanting to know where I will be playing no limit poker next. All I can say is as long as I am not bored I will be ready to take your money off ya…!