John Terry – One Gamble Too Much!

John Terry

John Terry

A new morality tale is unfolding in West London and it features the toxic mix of money, gambling, sex, class politics, football and drink. The England captain has been caught with his hands in his best friends former girlfriends knickers. He tried to get the courts to ban the news therefore stop the whole country from reading about it – this failed and now it will be plastered all around countries newspaper. The reason why this is big news is that in some peoples eyes being captain of England is more important than being Prime Minister of The UK.

John Terry has constantly been surrounded by this type of situation. In the old Daily Digest #43 his mother and mother in law were caught shop lifting and were given a caution. His dad was filmed acting like a drug dealer selling a few grams of cocaine to a news reporter. John Terry himself was reprimanded for making drunken fun of American tourist who were in a state of distress when they watch the attack of the Twin Towers on 9/11 at Heathrow Airport.

He has been constantly caught out having sex with numerous women, each time his wife has forgiven him,  he has been caught out trying to make a quick pound out of some racket or another. The latest racket he has been involved in was offering tours around Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge – his football club for £10,000! Why is he doing these things?

Quite simply John Terry is a gambler and likes to take risk and if you constantly take risk you will get caught out every now and then. It is an urban legend that John Terry was losing £40,000 per week! OK he is on £170,000 per week at Chelsea plus his numerous endorsement making his wealth to be about £17 million so he is not in the poor house, however, if this is true then he is want is known in the trade as a mug gambler.

As a mug gambler there is a need to replenish resources constantly and John Terry exhibits these qualities in abundance. So he has to get another source of income other than the day job. Some mug punters have a second job others use credit cards, some even resort to robbery or fraud. The fact is mug punters lose and lose heavily, hence their need to stock up the bank balance. In fact the whole family seem to be mug punters as I detailed above.

John Terry last big bet was trying to gag the countries newspapers to stop the story going out about his relationship with his best friends ex who is also mother to his child. Apparently Wayne Bridge is spitting fire at the ‘betrayal’ with his long time girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel – a lingerie model. Wayne Bridge has just recently broke up with Vanessa Perroncel and has made it be known that he will have nothing to do with John Terry – which makes it a bit difficult since they are both in the England national side.

Will John Terry lose the England captaincy – you betcha! The surprising thing about this tale is that it wasn’t about his wife knowing it was more about him losing the very lucrative sponsorship deals, just like the Tiger Woods saga. The difference being this could be the destroying of John Terry because unlike Tiger Woods Terry likes to gamble and gamble big. He bets at rubbish odds and is known as a mug punter. This could be the beginning of the end for John Terry – not good if you want to win the World Cup 2010.

Here are the videos of john Terry’s dad doing the drug deal and John Terrys mom and mother in law tale about shoplifting.