Poker Bloggers Tournament – 21/02/2010

Pokerknave Blogger Tournament

Pokerknave Blogger Tournament

As many of you know blogging is more than writing stuff in a online vanity diary, it can also help put stuff into perspective. I have found it very usefull in understanding my decision making process when I have finished a tournament, particularly when i have played bad.

So in order to pay homage to the process of blogging I have created a bloggers tournament for all those poker bloggers out there to promote their weblog and challenge other bloggers in mortal combat on the poker table.

This Mansion Poker tournament will start on the Sunday 21st of February at 20:00 GMT (8pm), and, the game will be No Limit Texas Hold Em Turbo Tournament.

Guaranteed prize money of $150
The buyin is a paltry $1.10.
Blinds go up every 5 minutes and there will be 1500 starting chips.