Omaha For Dummies

Warren Buffett playing bridge
Warren Buffett playing bridge

This is a complete tract into understanding the magnificent game of Omaha. It is a poker game but not as we know it. A game where bluffing is so refined that you will miss a well timed bluff by a country mile. So since you have mastered the game of Texas Hold Em which can be described as the ‘Michael Jackson’ of the poker world, welcome to Omaha the ‘Santana’ of poker.

1. Omaha is a city in the state of Nebraska in the USofA, just as Texas is a state but not a city.

2. Omaha may share the same name as the city but that is the extent of the games relevance to the city.

3. Warren Buffett is from Omaha and is credited as being the 2nd most loaded man in the world.

4. Mr Buffett (The Sage of Omaha as he is known) plays bridge not poker which is probably why he is so rich.

5. in Omaha you get 4 hole cards.

6. Having 4 of a kind as your hole cards is not necessarily a good thing, in fact it maybe a good idea to chuck them away.

7. The best starting hand is hard to determine, however, having 4 rainbow cards is not necessarily all that bad.

8. Having a pair at the turn is very bad unless you are psychic, lucky or both.

9. Remember do not try and buy the pot because most people do not understand the game and are likely to call your bluff.

10. Bluffing is very difficult.

11. Checking is very dangerous.

12. A check raise is almost unheard of in the game therefore devastating when used.

13. Omaha is great fun if you are bored with Texas Hold Em.

14. Hi – Lo Omaha is so difficult do not bother unless you are a rocket scientist.

15. Having 4 of the same suit as your hole cards is also not good.

16. Most teenagers do not play Omaha because it is not simple or sexy.

17. Since teenagers are not interested, therefore, you can get a more sensible game without the outrageous suck outs associated with Texas Hold Em, unless you play a kidult.

18. Going all in pre-flop to steal the blinds will not scare people, in fact it will probably get called.

19. Pot limit Omaha is great if you are a grinder at the lower stakes.

20. Remember, remember you use only two of your 4 hole cards not one, three or all four to win.