Freeroll Grinding

If you can successfully grind out a winning position in freeroll competition it is a good signal that you can consistently win at playing poker.

Consistently winning is the key to the game. Obviously first you pair of Aces, then your pair of Kings, Queen and Jacks get busted by some random hand will eventually whittle away stack and then bust you.

We are looking for poker players who want to play online poker for free and earn money to boot. If you have dodgy ratings due to lack of volume or unlucky situations, show us at  at our very own tournament.

Unfortunately this is freeroll not open to US players (altough being a grinder for the stable is open to US players – you just cannot win a share of €50  at the special tourney on the 21st of March, this time), and, once you have joined contact me for the special invitation code.



Also not allowed in getting staked by our backer is using your 8 year old nephew playing for you because he is a gaming genius. Or if you do get your 8 year old gaming genius nephew playing for you and winning! Do not tell anyone and just send us our cut and everything will be cool – trust me this is the best policy and stuff the publicity.