Being Needy

nose bleed poker with Isildur1
nose bleed poker with Isildur1



The news that Isildur1 is back on the high stakes online poker table at Full Tilt, has got the hearts and mind of the blogosphere all a twitter. Who is he or her? What is he? Where does he get his money from?

Well I can tell you from my observations and reading between the lines that:

a) Its more thaan 1 person.

2) Its a marketing ploy.

You may find my first asumption quite real but the second a bit contentious. Well the reason why it is or I should say a marketing ploy is that having major big games online will eventually lead to the ‘whales’ finally giving up playing live casino – where they can be recognise, and, start to play online casino where they can remain anonymous.

You can tell that online casino is the big thing for online betting because there is no restriction to the hours and frequency of visits. A visit to a online casino can happen while a person is using the toilet, on a train journey etc. The thing that scares people from online casino is whether it is fixed!

At the moment online casino is seen as very dodgy, so the need for great publicity is paramount. In the UK we have betting offices, shops where you can go and place a bet on horses, football etc. In these shops they have machines called fixed odds betting terminals or fobts’. These machines are online casino machines, and, are like crack cocaine for gamblers.

 Instead of waiting 10 – 15 minutes for the next race etc, you can have a bet every 10 – 15 seconds! The most popular game on these fobts’ is cartoon roulette and they are just massive cash generators which can have automatic re-load so you can play the same number/s again and again without going through the rigmarole of physically putting chips on. 

A friend who is a betting office manager said to me that if his bosses had their way they would get rid of betting on football etc and have the shop filled up with these fobts’. Now imagine a world where you can have your own personal fobt? Yes we have them now but you can tell by the bonuses that are offered that people are not rushing to join them. Yes the are making money but the competition for casino players is tough.

Can you imagine if those whales got onto online casino losing 3% profit per spin every 20 – 30 seconds – happy days for the online casino owner!

Hence my supposition that isildur1 is a marketing move because as soon as this gets into the main stream media – which it hasn’t as yet – then there will be media frenzy to know and plau against this person. Onviously the more the online poker sites can keep the real name/s out of the public arena the better.

Who is isildur1? Who cares, as long as we don’t know the better for the online casino brands.