The Isildur1 Conspiracy

The Illuminati

The Illuminati

So the great ‘who is Isidur1’ debate continues ad infinitum. Which is kind of interesting for a while but then becomes seriously dull and boring because it tends to the area of Jerry Springer type celebrity trash. The sort of celebrity which is not based on talent but based on being frivolous.

Why is the isildur1 being hyped on this level? Quite simply because it generates news, buzz and income. Dont you forget that poker is the most capitalistic of past-time and the whole aim is to take away money from other greedy bastards in the most methodical way possible. Online poker sites facillitate this in the most convenient way possible. You dont have to leave your house to do it!

My friends Isildur1 is part of the Illuminate pure and simple. Thats why he or she (but more probably he) is incognito. 

It came to me in a flash when I was looking for clues about this individuals identity. We all know that internet poker security is riddled with holes yet apart from a few names no hard and fast leaks have come out. So it was left to conjecture and hypothesis about who this person is. David icke – the well known philosopher, footballer andall round nutcase had it all figured. The Internet is an Illuminati racket, isildur apparently comes from northern Europe, therefore, more likely to have the features of the Illuminati, and, he is engaged in the 2nd most profitable activity on the internet.

There you have it! The New World Order first internet superstar and cash cow. Developed and sustain by the reptillians which control our world and wishes to subjugate and microchip us poor humans. Any talk about Isidur1 being an individual is totally and comprehensively null and void. Isildur1 is part of our controlling slave masters.

It is surprising that all the big online poker rollers want a piece of this entity because in the end they are all being hoodwimked by this giant worldwide conspiracy. I for one will not be suckered in. OK, the reason why I wont be suckered in is that I do not have the cash to take on this guy, but judging from the tales of his/her hand history I think I would have a chance.

The Illuminati can be beaten because according to David Icke they are too greedy for their own good, just like Isildur1. So my advice to those wishing and able to take on Isildur1 is play tight but throw in a load of bluffs and crazy play because this person is playing an altogether more important game.  Most of all nose bleed poker with the likes of Isildur1 will keep the interest alive but be prepared to have your life crushed or enhanced beyond your wildest dream.