Week of Mediocrity


Dull as an aardvark
Dull as an aardvark

There is a phrase which can be apt in summing up my weekend of poker playing and other high jinks, and, it goes as thus. If I fell into a barrel of mammary glands I would come out sucking my thumb! In truth the words mammary glands would be replaced with a more baser term, but you get my drift.

The reason for this is that i didn’t follow my usual pattern of laying the favourites for places at Cheltenham as it can be risky, tiresome and return on investment although OK never spectacular. This then led to me picking the wrong time to increase my bets on the ‘value’ horses which went on to not be that great of a value.

The time that I did have value the double in a reasonable bet it got busted eventhough I managed to have the winner in the Gold Cup only to be let down by Barizan which was 20 lengths in front with 2 fences to go and managed to end up losing. You see the value bet for me was that Barizan and Imperial Commander were both stone coled place double with a big chance of both wining. I did hope that they would win but they would definitely get place.

Imperial Commander went on to win brilliantly at 7/1 and if Barizan had finished first at 25/1 I would have got a massive 207/1 which to a £10 stake is very nice. Howrever, the bet returned me £206.25, which was not enough for me to break even over the week!

This then led to me getting blown out by a rather nice young lady who I did promise to meet for a drink. Apparently she left for a meal and I ended up discussing the merits of astronomy and religion. Astronomy and religion are very interesting subjects, but do not take the place of a bit of rumpy pumpy.

I then had a result on Ireland not getting the 2010 Triple Crown in the Six Nations rugby only to lose it on various speculative investments on various big sized Tote Jackpot roll overs and Scoop 6 bookie benefits. I did get a return but I then decided that West Ham United would do a job over Arsenal. Even with Arsenal having 10 men, West Ham United never really looked like winning.

I then decided to play poker in a £34 buy-in game. From the start I played like a suicidal turkey who votes for Christmas because it has great lights.  My frist hand was Ace-Jack suited. I should have raised massively but I didn’t and the big blind was able to control the table and winning my chips to boot.

After much inner hard work trying to survive the tournament , I managed to blow my chances by going all in with 9 – Jack off suit the reason for this was that I was extremely short stake. I lost and went out of the tournament not in the prize money.

Then there was the Chelsea our favourite under acheiving superstars. Led by a guy (Carlo Ancelotti) who when manager of AC Milan, let a mediocre Liverpool football side come back from 3 – 0 down to win the European Cup in 2005! I Had Chelsea to win 1 – 0 and Didier Drogba to score first. After Chelsea are cruising at 1 – 0 with Drgoba scoring first. Chelsea end up drawing 1 – 1 with the mighty Blackburn!  This led to me gaining with one hand but losing with the other.

Finally I had my own little freeroll tournament on AWHPoker.com for a bit of fun on a Sunday night. It was only for €50 but free money is all good. I was surprised that 176 people had enter making it very competitive. Anyway I again mamnaged to make the final 20 but lost out when I could not resist my AQ(s) which created so much chip damage that I would never win the first prize. First prize went to minhaWIN who was very aggressive and he/she may have been lucky but getting the cards is one thing making them pay is another. 

So I week that started with so much promise led to be a week of mediocrity. Just like an aardvark starts of great, ends up being a dullard.