The ‘Ex’ Comes Back and Haunts Me!

Haunted by the ex-girlfriend

Haunted by the ex-girlfriend

Its a bad poker player that blames random external things for the reason that he or she loses spectacularly on the poker tables. Well, I must fit that bill because I truly believe that certain things, people, or astrophysical happenings can affect your luck. If this is not the case why did the Romans devise a word for mad stuff happening when there is a full moon?

The word lunatic has its roots from the Roman word for the Moon and it is luna. Women’s menstruation period is in time with the Moon cycle, waves are dependent on the moon so why not peoples mood swings?

In the licensing trade a publican has a monthly stress cycle when there is a full moon because people act like nutters when they are drunk when the moon is full in the sky. Hospitals report a monthly spike when there is a full moon. So do the police and from what I understand the hooligans in the police force sometimes request for duty when the moon is out and about, as it gives them a chance to take out their pent up anger on the miscreants.

Anyway back to the main theme of this post. I experienced the effect of a person bringing bad luck to my game. In this instance an ex girlfriend who was more than fit but had a very bad temper and even worst luck. she worked in a bookie – where I met her, and, was forever bringing a downer on my betting and drinking. This was a bit of a problem since I met her in a betting office, where she worked, and, I was a pub manager at the time!

I can talk about her without any comebacks because she hated the idea that I wrote about poker since she has a deep seated hatred of gambling and subsequently will not be reading this post. But knowing my luck she will look at the website out of curiosity and see this post and stick a knife in me the next time she sees me – and I am not joking about sticking a knife in me! She once tried to bash my head in with a baseball bat I kept as a welcoming present for burglars. Luckily I managed to disarm her and keep her on lockdown until she calmed down.

The minute she said hello I dropped my McDonalds chicken wrap which I just brought. I should have said hello and goodbye leaving my phone number if she ever gets lonely, and, run as fast as I can from betting offices and poker tables until it was safe to come out of the woodwork before I dabble in the sports/cards market. Unfortunately, she looked extremely hot even in the unflattering uniform she has to wear .

I ended up chatting about this that and another. While I was doing that I had a bet on several dogs and each got beaten in a very sick manner. In the end she did not want to come a drink as it goes to her head and she wanted to get home. After trying unsuccessfully to arrange a hook up I decided the next best thing was a game of live poker – bad move!

I literally did not get a hand to get my chips in. I slowly lost my chips because of the big blind allied with rubbish starting hands like 7-4 suited or 9-2 off suit. When I finally got a decent hand (JJ’s) while on the button. I gone in with my solitary 1000 chips got called and when we  turned over my rival had A-5 suited against my JJ’s. Obviously he got the ace and I was sent packing.

Of course this was down to me meeting with my ex. She works in a betting office but hates everything about gambling. Once the evil eye makes a move you are truly kebab-ed.