Interesting Times…

Suspicious going on and shady dealings

Suspicious going on and shady dealings

When the Financial Times makes a statement it is wise to listen to what they say. They do figure quite high up in the regions of power play business and law. Therefore, for them to come out and say the US government are going to attempt to shake down the biggest online poker site in the world you know it has a lot of voracity behind the statement.

Making statements of money laundering is a big statement to make which creates images of massive criminality. Which do not look good for people like Phil Ivey who  is one of the faces of Full Tilt Poker. What evidence they have of this should be relatively easy to find, if the various legal authorities such as the UK government make it an requirement to show the electronic paper trail.

This is serious! In the past I have described the US of A The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 as so wrong that it is an abomination and labelled it Dikshit Law after Anurag Diktat who had to pay untold millions to make sure he did not go to jail. If they get a result against Full Tilt Poker – the Alderney registered Goliath then the US will have a big decision to make and it is thus. Does the nation the brought the purest form of capitalism to the world really going to stop its citizen from playing it online? We shall be returning to this story again.

Talking about big decisions, it has been announced that a General Election has been called for May 6th 2010 and it will be a most curious election since all parties will want to disassociate themselves from the parliament of 2005 – 2010 because of the expenses row which nearly brought the who thing down. In fact we shall see if the legacy of the expenses row leads to loads of new and interesting parties being elected because they were not part of pocketing public money into their pockets.

As the old Chinese phrase for a scary troubled era goes ‘…we live in interesting times…’ and the betting markets have another very strong event for the bookies, after the bonanza of Cheltenham, the Grand national 2010 and the granddaddy of all betting World Cup 2010!