The Betting Gods

Who are the gods of gambling?

Who are the gods of gambling?

When the gambling gods are against you two things happen. 1 You lose confidence and 2 you lose bets in which you are favourite to win.

The reason why confidence is first is that gambling should hurt. When you put a bet on you should be pretty confident that the bet has a reasonable chance pf winning or else why are you putting on the bet? So when you decide to gamble properly whether its cards, horses, football whatever, you should have evaluated the odds and decided that the outcome in your favour is worth the odds. If the odds are massively in your favour then you should add more stake because it will never always happen that you can bet when the odds are heavily in your favour. the only problem is when the bet loses then of course your money has gone. But at least you had the odds in your favour.

That’s why the bets should hurt when you lose. This hurting effect is good because it focuses the mind on the thing that you are betting on. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour but when the odds are in your favour you must bet to win. Regretting not taking advantage of odds in your favour is a sin.

However, sometimes the gambling gods are against you and no matter what you do you will always come up a cropper. With me this period happens about the time of the moon. It is my menstrual period in effect. Please do not start chucking things at the computer monitor or fall of your chair in fits of laughter I am being totally serious. The Moon is my very own vengeful betting god and when the moon is in transition I could have a straight flush and I would be beaten by a higher straight flush. My football team could be 3 – 0 up and my team would lose 3 – 4 with all the opposition goals coming in the last 10 minutes of the game.

If your not convinced by my arguments well all I can say is religion is all about faith and I know what I know and you cannot change my mind as the evidence is conclusive.