Post Match Analysis

The only way Lampard goal could not count

The only way Lampard 'goal' could not count

Here is the official analysis on why England could not win:

1. John Terry destabilized the the team with his attempted coup.

2. Rooney should have been dropped to the bench.

3. The press were determined to upset the players with all the WAG nonsense.

4. Capello didn’t complete his homework on Germany.

5. Too many crucial injuries at the back.

6. For too many years England play one half good the other half bad. Consistency is needed.

7. The players are not hungry enough.

8. The goalkeeper question keeps on coming up.

9. Lack of firepower up front.

10. Midfield incompetence and had light weight skills compared to other nations.

11. Players are definately over-rated and unwilling to play for each other.

12. If Lampards goal stood it would have been different, however, I am not sure if the result would not have remained the same.

The first real opposition in the World Cup and we were undone like a tin of sardines. Comprehensive and completely. This is worrying on many fronts. We were supposed to have world class players in our side and unless Rooney was carrying a big injury then all of them did not come up to scratch. In fact our best player in the tournament might well have been David James who used to have the nickname Calamity James!

All four matches were awful and for English reporters crying out for goal line technology may be doing the sport great dis-service since the line for using technology may have no bounds. Would it be used for off side decisions? What about controversial fouls? All these incidences can change a game and once goal line technology is introduced it can ruin the game as well as improve it.

In my view we need to keep the game as it is because not every team and association can afford goal line technology and this will make the game different and longer and we do not want to end up as NFL Superbowl et al, with hours and hours of stop start game, with loads of adverts in between and some ropey dopey half time entertainment. Nothing wrong with NFL but it is not the game we want football to be like.

Ours is a very simple game that can be played by anyone around the world without too much overly expensive equipment. The NFL is not transferable because it is all about minute details and other nerdy stuff as well as the actual game.

Now that I have put the world to right with my post match analysis, I will continue watching the World Cup 2010 although I am now in the red with my betting which is due to some overly optimistic bets because I got bored. Not a great advert for consistency I know but I could not help myself and at the time it sounded like a good idea,